Integrating SmartThings into Hubitat

Hi all,

I’m a long term Hubitat user and love it, but I have concerns about the hub slowdowns and the lack of stability in the hub with ZigBee devices. I wondered if anyone has or is using ST to house their devices and Hubitat as the main automation source?

If you are how have you found it? I mainly use Tradfri and Xiaomi devices which don’t play well on Hubitat anyway (although I have no issues at present) and I am going go significantly increase the devices over the next 6 months and I would like to move them now rather than later.

That would cause all automatons to be cloud based in hubitat. Doesn’t that defeat the primary purpose of running it?


I see your point, my main concern is about stability of devices on HE. I can sacrifice latency of cloud (within reason) for stability, although the argument could be put forward to move all mg devices and automations go ST under this scenario

Just remember… the Classic app and groovy are being phased out and the developer has not ported hubconnect to the new ST api as yet so the question is - will hubconnect continue to work in 6 months.

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Is that on HE side your ST side?

Hubconnect is from a developer on the HE side.


Maybe I should move everything to ST

That would seem to make more sense if you don’t need local operation. And if you’re OK with not being able to defer or deny updates and with not having any backup. And if you aren’t trying to use Lutron Picos. :wink:

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In pretty much a Xiaomi and Tradfri guy at present. Although I do have a lot of Google home mini devices @JDRoberts what’s Google like? (Don’t tell me it doesn’t work)

That’s not a huge issue with me it’s more stability that I am after instead of speed.

Google works, but both the google and Alexa skills are having major headaches right now because of a new skill update:

This should go away in a few (2-3) months

Did you get an official comment to that regard? Smartthings rarely if ever gives timelines now, and there are many features that went away that we were all expecting to come back quickly but they never did. Such as the old method for grouping lights, the contact book feature, and several others. :disappointed_relieved:

If smartthings staff says they have recognized it as a bug and they are working on it, then we could have some expectations of a fix.

But if they’ve just said they’re aware of it, even if they have said they are looking into it, that’s not a promise that things will change in the future.

Just sayin’…

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No…just guessing based on how much time it took to fix other issues

It took almost 18 months to fix integration with Samsung smart televisions after it broke, which you would think would be a high priority. So there’s just no telling how resources will be allocated.

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What’s the deal going in the opposite direction. I’ve been using ST for a long time, but I’m starting to lose my shit with cloud outages and latency, especially when it comes to using things like webcore or other heavily cloud executed automations.

So, I’m considering moving everything over to Hubitat but keeping ST to be able to control less used devices (basement lights, diesel heater etc) via Bixby on my Galaxy Watch. The alternative is to just remove ST completely and install some door or motion sensors to fully automate things, but I guess the question is; could I get all my Hubitat devices to show up as controllable devices in ST?

YES, move everything to SmartThings and do NOT look back as HE is half-baked at this point in time.

a GOOD amount of people that bitch and moan and threaten and move to HE very QUIETLY sneak back to ST.

While ST will have a hick-up now and then, what doesnt?!


I dunno about that a lot of people on the HE forums seems to be ex ST people of late.

oh they do. they make a HUGE stink about leaving, but when they do come back to ST they are sooo quiet. it might take a while but when they find out that HE isnt all that and is half-baked.


Care to share your experience? I’m seriously considering moving everything over as long as I can figure out a way to continue controlling certain devices from my Galaxy watch…

Like half-baked how? Everything I’ve read as of the last couple months seems to be positive. Ironed out bugs and stuff is the general consensus.

My experience, and I moved before the C7 hub was introduced, has been very favorable. I moved over in April of 2020. I have around 100 physical devices and around another 100 virtual devices. I have a couple hundred rules controlling the house. It took me about 5 weeks to get everything moved over and working pretty well. I have had some zigbee and zwave issues but, through persistence, have solved them and have a very stable system. Even while I was trying to figure out why some devices did not occasionally work, I still had fewer issues than when I was on ST due to all the outages. Since the move, my system has never been completely down. What’s really nice is that since it’s local, when the internet goes down, which it did this morning, everything but my Google integration works. I wasn’t even aware the web was down until I noticed the purple lights in the kitchen. Purple lights are my signal that the internet is down. I couldn’t be happier.

The introduction of the C7 hub with the new 700 series zwave chip did not go as well as it could have. HE was the first hub to use the chip and there were some issues as the bugs were worked out. They appear to be mostly worked out as of the last firmware update. Also, updates are optional and installed when YOU want them to. You can also roll back if something goes wrong. You can also backup the hub so, if you really screw it up, reinstall the backup.

HE is not perfect. It’s interface is not as polished as ST though you can do everything on a full sized PC which is really nice. I would suggest you visit the HE website, check your devices against the list of devices known to work, read the docs and watch the YouTube videos. Make your own decision.

I should note, older ZWAVE devices that need to be polled are problematic. Also, most zigbee light bulbs (with the exception of Sengled) are poor repeaters and don’t always play well on HE depending on what other ZIGBEE devices you have.

If you have questions, send me a PM.

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Having used both how would you compare to ST?

Did you have a bad experience