Leaving SmartThings

Originally they had committed to basically integrating WebCore into SmartThings, but it seems there was some sort of fall out and the guy is no longer involved.

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They never committed to this. They showed a Proof of Concept at SDC of webcore generating the JSON for rules API and they used webcore as an example of a community created app. They never committed to integrating or taking over webcore in any official capacity.


Thanks for the clarification. Still a shame there isn’t a better solution. Hopefully there will be some kind of interface for Rules API, as it seems the Rules Creator has been abandoned.

There is a community member working on one, but it’s still in the alpha stage. Not sure what all the features will be, though, but so far it’s the only browser-based interface to the API that I’ve seen. It’s possible this will just end up being a substitute for the IDE, though, not a rules creator.

I still wish smartthings would come up with the one they were originally working on, of course.

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@TAustin we need some clarification. @JDRoberts is telling users now what your goal is with SmartThings API Browser+, that once it comes out of alpha, eventually it will be able to allow users to harness the full power of Rules API, and create advanced rules similar to webCoRE, like the discontinued Rules Creator was set up to do, is this true?

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This is not accurate. It is an API browser tool in its current form. I have done little to incorporate the ability to create things like rules, which would be a huge project in and of itself. Currently the one exception to that is I do have the ability to create virtual devices.

The fabled rules creater/builder or whatever it was called would be awesome to integrate somehow. If Samsung isn’t going to continue with it, then maybe they’d be willing to make it open source?? :thinking:

UPDATE: My API Browser now includes the ability to create a rule by submitting a preconfigured JSON file.


Well goodbye Smartthings, I took the advice of others and moved over to Hubitat, nothing really comes good these days with ST, rubbish update to the mobile app after the shutdown of the classic app, it can only get worse is the fear for me, so I imported a Hub form the US to the UK arrived Tuesday, and everything I had in ST is running faster than ever now, all locally, Webcore pistons migrated, devices, I haven’t met any real challenges yet. Ok took me a couple of days of unwanted pain, but I am happy as larry. ST has had a fantastic community, and there are some very clever members out there who I can’t thank enough, they inspire imagination. Goodbye and farewell it’s been a blast!


Bye Felicia! Bye!

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So you’re illegally running your devices on the US Z-wave frequency. Uh huh. Sure you are.

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Nothing illegal, set to Europe


I know it’s hard to get used to, but most series 700 chip hubs, including the newest hubitat, have the ability to change the regional frequency, so that’s no longer an issue.

Plus several companies, including Hubitat and The Smartest House, can ship UK/EU frequency zwave devices from the US. For their previous generation hubs, hubitat would include an EU frequency dongle which was used.

So I expect the device is now running UK/EU frequency one way or the other. :thinking:

older generation chipset hubs, including the SmartThings/Aeotec V2, V3, and WiFi mesh models have their frequency set at the time of manufacture and do not have this option.


Yep, but to be honest, I couldn’t find a Hub in the UK anyway, even Amazon imports, I got tired of seeing the parcel status “parcel with customs” I was just lucky I didn’t get import charges lol!

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Exactly the same


The default was US, when shipped

Thanks, @JDRoberts for educating me. Again.

Apologies to @Scoggy


No worries @HalD , and thanks to the Legend @JDRoberts, I am the same as most people slightly worried that after all the effort over the years pouring fantastic routines into our homes, spending many hours of studying, I could lose it all, With a demanding career I no longer have the luxury of starting again, so I needed a quick escape to maintain what I have, most people would understand that hopefully!


Different things will work for different people. :sunglasses:

With the interesting integration projects from community members to bring Hubitat and SmartThings together, plus the fact that ST will have one-way Matter integration in and Hubitat will have HomeKit integration out I expect to see more community members than ever, particularly makers and tinkerers, using both hubs in 2023. Just like we used to see some community members using homebridge to bring ST into HomeKit.

[BETA] HubiThings Replica

Hubitat->SmartThings "Mirror" BETA testers wanted

Integration Solutions using MQTT

One of the advantages of ST is that it fits into a lot of different configurations. Things are going to be different with the new architecture, but it looks like that will still be true. :sunglasses:


My hub stoped working … my valves stoped working … my garage opener stoped working…

I’ll never buy another Samsung product again … g2h.

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I have only recently become aware this was happeneing after opening WebCore and seeing the notice. I unfortunately have had no time to prepare.

I have seen comments going around saying that the Hubitat Platform is a good idea to get things working again.

Can someone please link to the forum that describes how this is done. Thanks in advance.

Like others, I will never touch Samsung again.

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You may find there’s an a method which does work with the current architecture. Or you might decide to add hubitat into the mix.

Why don’t you start with the following link, it lays out some of the alternatives:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

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