Leak Detectors Not Remaining Paired

I have a home SmartThings network of 12 leak detectors and 1 Hub2. The leak detectors drop off the network, about 2 per week. So far, no repeats, but still i cannot ‘trust’ the SmartThings to notify me of any leaks if the detectors keep dropping off, or in the app terms, going ‘Unavailable’. Are there others with this issue? What can be done?

If those water sensors are the only devices you have, it could be a zigbee mesh issue (i.e. a weak mesh). Adding plug-in zigbee devices that repeat signals to and from your hub might help.

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Thanks Mark! Which SmartThings devices have this feature?

As a general rule, a zigbee device that plugs into an outlet or is wired in directly to your home electrical wiring will act as a repeater of zigbee signals. Same is true for mains powered z-wave devices (but for z-wave signals).

The SmartThings outlet would be one example of such a zigbee device. You may know this, but you’re not necessarily limited to SmartThings branded devices. If you stick with a device that’s on the “works with ST” list it should work with your hub, and if it doesn’t ST support will help troubleshoot, even though some are from other manufacturers. Check out the link below, you can filter by various categories of devices, or manufacturer.