Laser Light Dance Party for the Kids

My wife asked me to get one of those little rotating disco party lights for the kids to play with in our playroom and somehow I convinced my wife that a smartthings automated wall mounted laser dance light system would be way better… and here’s the result:

I mounted 2 laser dance lights in our play room in the basement for the kids to have dance parties. Both are hooked up to z-wave outlets. When you say “Dance Party” to google it responds with “Let’s get this party started”, then turns off all the lights in the basement, turns on the laser lights, and casts our dance playlist from spotify to our sound system (made possible by the chromecast built-in functionality of our onkyo receiver). I accomplished all the automation by using a combination of google routines, IFTTT, and a ST scene. I also have a virtual switch that I call “pause motion” that stops the lights from automatically turning back on while the dance lights are on.

We can turn it off by manually turning on the lights (it turns off after the lights have been turned on for 15 seconds so that accidentally turning on the lights doesn’t immediately end it), or it’ll automatically turn off after 30 min of no motion.


This definitely belongs on the “impress your friends“ list. :wink: