Lannouncer stops announcing

I have integration of smart hub with Big talker and Lannouncer to announce when door opens and closes, using a cheap android phone. After few days of usage, the phone will stop announcing a loud. I can see Lannouncer log shows event is being captured but i cannot hear voice. I need to restart my phone to get it working again. This has happened two times in two weeeks

I am not expert in Lannouncer, but my impression is that the separate Lannouncer phone-app is halted/not running in the background, when the silence happens. The phone-app is separate from the Smartthings smartapp called Lannouncer.

The app is still running in the background. I can see the logs in the app that says events are being triggered. But no sound

I have the same issue… works for a few days, then stops. I’m running it on a Fire tablet, so if I stop and start the services, it comes back.

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Lannouncer on my Kindle Fire does the same thing. I have tried everything. I have a static IP for the tablet so that’s not the issue. I have been wasting a great deal of time trying to get it resolved. Any additional ideas/suggestions are appreciated.

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I have the same issue… any resolutions?

Any update on this issue, lannouncer on android phone not speaking, but other functions like siren, notify, tone are working.

I figured it out on my FireHD tablet but that had to do with disabling Alexa from listening and stopping the service… Not sure with the Android phone what could be the cause but check to see if you have Alexa, Google Now, or Bixby activated and listening… Also try updating the Big Talker from the repo or stopping the Lannouncer Talk services and restarting…

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Had this issue with BigTalker but not with webCoRE.

Using the Alexa settings, I stopped it from listening, stopped it from reacting to the home button, and get about 95% success, much better than when Alexa was active. No idea how to stop the Alexa service on the Fire HD 8

The remainder of the time, no talking until placing Lannouncer into the foreground. However that is short lived, Fully browser quickely takes over the foreground for ActionTiles, but it keeps talking for a while, then reboot.

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