Lametric Smart Clock

Just wanted to ask a quick question in regards to the LaMetric Smart Clock and how many people own it. i bought mine a long time ago and i couldn’t do what i wanted it to do back then, and its been sitting there on the shelf not powered on, collecting dust for a long time, especially as its far too bright to use as a bedside clock.

I know when i first looked at using it with smartthings the LaMetric API was far too limiting, but things have moved on a bit. and i have it currently running a custom app which shows the total amount of profit my crypto currency investments on AllCoin are earning, along with ROI % & a chart showing recent trends etc… and i gotta be honest this is what the LaMetric was built for.

but this brings me back to how to use it in a smart home, i am in the mood for creating a smartapp, but i wanted some others suggestion on how they would like to be able to use the LaMetric, as you can now do notifications for example and control the screen brightness and volume. just wondered if others have some inspiration on how they wish to integrate their device b4 i start writing this smartapp

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I was actually thinking of this the other day but I couldn’t remember what it was called. I think it would be interesting. I’m not sure exactly on use cases, but being able to push messages to it would be a start. For example, a piston in Core that displays number of portals (windows/doors) being open. “2 Portals Open” or “Garage Door Open”

Will be interested in how this works out.

Just saw the price and remembered why I forgot the device… $199 is hard to justify. Maybe at half the price…

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for sure, it seems that they have put the price up since i have bought it. that price is a joke

In the UK it can currently be had for about £125 on Amazon deal of the day (I just took delivery)