La dee frickin da: iPad as HomeKit Hub sorry I’m an apple hater



Being able to use an iPad as a HomeKit Hub is actually a pretty big deal, because it can work as an Echo competitor with a visual dashboard. This is “Siri in a box” in that sense.

And with the addition if the SiriSDK, more APPs can act as “Siri Skills” in this setup.

it probably needs an add-on microphone to be able to fully compete, but the wallmount tablet plus the Apple Watch is an interesting Echo competitor. It has better security than echo and can place phone calls as well.

“Siri, call 911” has already been credited with saving at least one life. So far echo doesn’t have an equivalent feature.

To set everything up so that it matches echo’s functionality would unquestionably cost more than an echo. And it would work with fewer devices, if only because smartthings integration would be limited to texts to IFTTT. But it’s a nice answer to the “I don’t want to have to pull out my phone every time” complaint that echo answers.

Obviously if you don’t use Apple devices, this won’t make any difference to you. But in terms of US smart home adoption, I think this could make a difference. A lot will depend on what apps come out to take advantage of it, but it has definite possibilities.

It’s actually a pretty cool and innovative idea, not to mention a great marketing strategy. People will me more inclined to use Apple’s Remote control of HA corrected as per Mr. Maxwell* since it would require very little if you are an already avid Apple consumer.

I don’t want to be that average Joe :joy: :sweat_smile:

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I’m not seeing the automation component here, thats just remote control…
Maybe some day the average Joe will understand the difference.

The automation component is that it will run the new home app. That has schedules and automatic scenes. So the wall mount Powered tablet performs multiple functions:

One) it’s an always listening voice UI to your HomeKit devices and to those apps that are using the Siri kit (home control)

  1. it’s a display dashboard using the home app (home control)

  1. it’s a rules engine UI using the new home app (home automation)

  1. it implements those rules, thereby acting as the home automation hub, using HomeKit (home automation)

Five) it acts as a secured gateway so that you have Remote access to the devices as well. You can also use your arrival at a second location as a trigger for an event at your home location (platform extension for both)

So I think it counts for both home control and home automation, particularly because of three and four. You make a good point, though, in that echo doesn’t have automation itself, it has to rely on other controllers. HomeKit as delivered with iOS 10 will have its own rule engine and schedulers.


I gotta tell you, Apple is doing a horrible job at marketing Homekit. You have to really dig deep to find out information about it. It’s been like that from the start. They usually do such a good job with marketing, but not with this.

I expect there will be marketing around iOS 10 in the fall.

iOS 10 will only run on newer devices.

They’ll be able to put together a HomeKit demo with new iPad on the wall, new iPhone, new watch, lights and a lock for around $1800 that will be simple, reliable, and impress the neighbors. As well as meeting some specific practical use cases.

People who would be buying the new iPhone and a new watch won’t count those against the cost.

A lot of people currently using home automation will see it as overpriced and underfeatured. The price is a separate discussion. It will certainly have many fewer features than something like SmartThings, but it may well be like echo or Phillips hue in that the features it does have work very well and very reliably. And nobody will have to search the Internet to ask “how do I group four lights together?”

We’ll see what happens, but it’s starting to look to me like HomeKit is going to be an echo alternative rather than a SmartThings alternative. Not where we thought it would be two years ago, but echo has really changed the conversation. :sunglasses:

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I’d say it gets the exact amount of attention it deserves. It’s a tiny market comparing to music/video streaming or apps. Nobody was able to make any serious money in smart home market so far.

So was the Smartwatch category, but that didn’t stop Apple from going balls in :slight_smile:

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Once again Apple will put out something that somebody else has already done years ago. And everybody will be amazed how Innovative apple is. And the far majority of people will think that Apple invented home automation. And people will buy it in in Groves just because it’s Apple. And pay three times more than what it’s worth. And why wouldn’t they, they’re techy. God do I hate that term.

The only good thing about all this is that it will help out home automation in the long run. It will get the word out. Creating more competition and products.

Glad you figured it out. So, if that’s all it takes to build the most valued company in the world, how come no-one else can do it? It must be some kind of conspiracy, right? Because how else would you convince millions of people to pay more money for inferior products? :slight_smile:

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Totally agree, My first experience was the ecobee3 with HomeKit. That was/is so disappointing. The ecobee3 was awesome, HomeKit not so much and I am being very kind here.

I respectfully disagree with @JDRoberts about Siri-HomeKit competing with Echo. They are not even in the same league. Echo is in the Majors in their first year and Siri is still batting around in Little League after several.

Apple is a magnet to the below average Joe (with above average debt) :wink:

[quote=“geko, post:12, topic:50563”]
So, if that’s all it takes to build the most valued company in the world, how come no-one else can do it?
[/quote] I remember reading similar comments about Microsoft not too long ago when Apple was not sitting so pretty… Apple isn’t learning from history and I fear they are going down the same way.

One word. Sheep. A perfect example is politics these days. And people do it all the time. Bose, BMW, nest, I could list a hundred of them. Not to say that these products are inferior. Which some are. But the two things that they have in common are overpriced and “sheep”

He-he. I think it’s “sheep” vs “cheap”. Most folks who buy various Apple clones are just cheapskates, but they don’t want to admit it, so they come up with all kinds of slander to justify their choice. :wink:

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m not saying Siri-HomeKit is yet ready to compete technically with echo. As I’ve mentioned, I use both, and whenever I have a choice Echo is my preference as the voice recognition is much better.

But it’s looking to me like echo has found a market niche for very reliable, pretty simple, home control. I think it’s possible that with iOS 10 and Home on a wallmount tablet, Apple will now market HomeKit as something at an Echo-type level of simplicity, except with a basic rules engine and a visual display.

I don’t think that was their original intention back in 2014. But the market has shifted. Most of the tech industry analysts are all talking about how Apple doesn’t have as many partners as the other home automation offerings, but while there’s one market segment where I think that’s very important, I think there’s another where it may not be.

So that was all I meant. :sunglasses:

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Apple is expected to sell 14 million watches this year. That’s more than five billion $ revenue. What’s their revenue from smart home gear? Right. Zero. :sunglasses:

If HomeKit gets 20% of people who already like Apple to buy one more iPad to put on the wall, it will be a success. :wink:

My point is Apple was marketing the hell out of the Apple Watch before it made a dime on it but it was a hardware product that they themselves made. HomeKit is software for them but can lead to indirect revenue in their retail stores for automation products and increased sales of their iPhones, iPads, etc.

If you’re referring to Android as the cheep clone you are far mistaken. If you do your research you’ll find out that apple is the Clone in almost every step of development. This kind of thinking is the Sheep mentality that I’m talking about

Bottom line is Apple is a smooth sleek UI ( which is understandable because they only have one or two piece of Hardware to worry about. They can fully concentrate on performance) with simple to use minimal features. great for kids and older people.