Kwikset Zigbee Lock turn off alarm

Sorry but I can not find this anywhere. I can find this for a Z-Wave lock but unfortunately mine is a zigbee lock. I am going on a vacation and I have a neighbor coming over to take care of the dog. I want it so when they type in a code in the front door it turns off my SHM. I tried the RBoy zwave one to see if it would work and no luck. Does anyone know of a way of doing this with a zigbee lock?

Yes this can be done. You will need a new DTH (Device Type Handler or Device Handler for short) and a SmartApp. Both @ethayer’s and @RBoy’s SmartApps will work fine. The extra piece you need is my DTH to add to your lock. You can find it below. Let me know if you run into any issues.

@RBoy’s SmartApp

@ethayer’s Lock Manager SmartApp


Worked perfectly THANK YOU!