Kwikset 914 Zigbee or Zwave Z-wave?

For what it’s worth, we had published a rough guideline to managing battery levels for different types of devices.

Lock, especially deadbolts are notorious for causing a voltage drop due to heavy current draw on the deadbolt motor. This sudden current draw causes the voltage to drop and sometimes the locks “shut down” prematurely due to sudden voltage drop. Once they shut down they won’t power back up. (the voltage calibration on some of these locks isn’t good)

This issue is exasperated with Schlage Connect deadbolts so here’s a rough guideline for changing batteries:

  • Schlage deadbolts (BE468/BE469/Connect) - 70% recommended, < 50% sudden shutoff
  • Schlage electronic (FE599) - 50% recommended, < 30% sudden shutoff
  • Yale deadbolts (YRDxxx, T1L etc) - 30% recommended, < 10% sudden shut off

YMMV, again this is just our experience, you can also find battery level recommendations for other devices also, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially with locks.

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