KUMO CLoud Can Not Connect

I am trying to connect a KUMO Cloud to my unit. I can not sem to get it working ?

Here is what is happening.

I go to setup device --> Installer settings -> 9999 -> COmpany --> Site --> Wifi --> Finding Zones –

It finds the zone with a very strong signal. I select that Zone --> Reading Zone Information…
And that is where it dies… I get the error message after a few minutes

Sorry Something went wrong (Find - timeout)

not sure if you ever got that worked out, but I found the only way to get it to connect is you have to be on a 2.4ghz wifi for it to work. If you have a unified SSID at home (2.4 and 5ghz on same named wifi name) then you can download a wifi analyser app for your phone (android, not sure about Iphone) and selecte the 2.4ghz channel to connect as your wifi network. After that, then try to add the Air Conditioner. After success, you can forget that wifi connect and then reconnect to your regular network. Hope that helps!