Keypad to control modes?

I’m using SmartThings for monitoring “secure” zones inside a building. I have two modes: staffed and unstaffed. I have two door contacts. I’ve configured automation rules to switch between staffed and unstaffed modes depending on the time of day. If the door contacts are opened during unstaffed mode an alert is triggered as well as a siren.

I’m wondering whether I can add a keypad to manually switch between modes. Ex. entering a code will switch to “staffed” mode and pressing a single button will switch back to “unstaffed” mode - I don’t require enter/exit delays.

I’ve read about the Iris keypad’s but they seem to require a 3rd party app in order to integrate with SmartThings and I was confused about this. It also sounded like most keypads only work with the SmartHomeMonitoring function in SmartThings which I’m NOT using. My current setup just uses automations.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

does it need to be PIN protected?

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Changing the mode from Unstaffed (secured) to Staffed (unsecured) needs to be PIN protected. And it would be great if multiple PIN codes could be create for different individuals.

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If you have access to RBoy Apps check out the Enhanced ZigBee Keypad device handler. This will allow your IRIS keypad to accept “codes” which can programmed using the SmartThings SmartLocks app or similar any Lock User Management SmartApp.

The keypad will change state to “locked” when a valid code is entered and the arm button is pressed. Now you can use any automation rule like CoRE or WebCoRE to take actions when the keypad is “locked”. If you’re using the Lock User Management SmartApp you can setup an action in there to change your mode to “staffed” when a valid code is entered making it even easier to setup and user. You can similarly configure the app actions to change the mode back to “unstaffed” when it’s “unlocked” using a valid code.

The Iris Keypad is a great choice for basic PIN / numeric entry control.

For more powerful options, our app ActionTiles let’s you create as many customized dashboard Panels that run in any web browser - including a cheap phone or tablet (like ~$30 Amazon Fire HD7). A Panel could consist of just a “Mode Tile” with PIN protection… Or add a few other helpful Tiles.

Give it a try for 14-days no charge, $28.99 to license per Hub after that.

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Thank you for all the ideas.
@RBoy - could you provide a basic step-by-step on how to implement what you suggest. Doesn’t need detail. Just an overview on how to configure the keypad to switch the mode to staffed (disarm) when a pin is entered and change the mode to unstaffed (arm) when a single button is pressed - I’d rather not have them enter the code to arm

@tgauchat thank you for the idea, I’ll keep this in mind but for now I’m just looking for a simple keypad to control the mode.

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One thing to note here, IRIS keypad require a code to operate, either lock or unlock. Having said that you don’t need to use the same code to lock and unlock. You can use a simple code (needs to be 4 digits for IRIS keypads) like 1111 to unlock or you can assign unique codes for each employee so you can track who’s unlocking the keypad.


  1. Install the Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock device handler
  2. Pair the IRIS keypad
  3. Install the Lock User Management SmartApp
  4. Open the SmartApp and add the Keypad in the list of locks
  5. Tap Manage Users
    • Create a user code to arm (e.g. call it Arming User with code 2345)
    • Create another user code to disarm (e.g. call it Disarm User with code 1111)
  6. On the main page click on Lock/Unlock actions
    • For lock actions select change mode to “staffed”
    • For unlock actions select change mode to “unstaffed”

You’re done!

When you enter 1111 it will run the unlock actions, when you enter 2345 along with the arm button on the keypad it’ll run the lock actions.

Note: Since you’ve defined the lock action in global actions (main page), it applies to all lock events (including if the employee accidentally pressed 1111 and arm on the keypad). You can avoid this by defining a custom “lock” action only for your “Arming user” in that user configuration page rather than on the main page where it applies for all users.

If you want more control, you can create a separate codes for each employee AND you can assign custom actions for each employee
e.g. You can assign unlock actions for “Disarm user” or the individual employee in the user configuration page, but no lock actions. That way if the employee accidentally “locks” using their code, nothing will happen.


Thank you for the info RBoy, I really appreciate that!

Although I found on your website that the device handler is only compatible with the Classic SmartThings app which is an issue for me as I’m using the new SmartThings app.

You need the Classic app to install it.

All of our DTHs and apps work with the new app but only basic controls will be displayed for the devices (SmartApps show everything) due to fact that the new app is still in development.


Also take a look at SHM Delay, it’s free.