Keen vents reporting the wrong temp

Have any of you had trouble with your vents reporting the wrong temp? If so how did you fix it? I’ve tried excluding and reincluding. I haven’t been able to connect them to keen home to update the firmware.

What do you mean by wrong? During air flow (with or without the HVAC running, like just the fan)? Or do you mean just really wacky numbers?

I put 6 in, 4 are the correct temp and two report at least ten or more degrees warmer with the ac on. It’s definitely the wrong temp of the air coming out of the vents.

Depending upon how far away those vents are from the main unit, any air/temperature loss you may have, or other restrictions, you will see some differences. For example, one of my vents first off the main trunk is currently reading 54.43 degrees and the one furthest away is reading 59.58 degrees, and one right in the middle is at 56.28 degrees.

Do you have a spare device with temperature capabilities (like a Lowes open/close sensor) you can place up by the vent to compare?

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