Keen Smart Home Vents

In terms of placement of the vents, you want to install them in your over conditioned rooms (those that are too hot or too cold at various times of the year). The intention is to redirect airflow from rooms that don’t need as much hot/cold air to those that do (your under conditioned rooms).

@NateKeenHome Thanks for the information. Do you have any guideline on what is the recommended number of vents that can be closed per HVAC system, to ensure it operates optimally?

We suggest replacing 1/3 of the total number of vents in your home. We don’t recommend closing more than 50% of your vents (smart or otherwise) at a given time.

That said, one of the benefit of a Smart Vent System is that the vents can coordinate to automatically prevent you from having too many closed at once.

the preorder says it includes a smart hub. Is this one of those things where their hub connects to the ST hub, or will the vents talk directly to ST making their hUb useless for us?

The hub we provide will depend on your existing smart home set up. Our Smart Vents can communicate directly with your Smart Things hub, so if you don’t want your Keen Home hub you can just let us know and we’ll hold off on sending it to you. That said, we suggest holding onto our hub just in case you need it (ie: you have a big house, thick walls, etc).

Hello, for those of you who are interested in a multizoned heating/cooling solution for your home, see these threads:


@NateKeenHome I have ducts that measure 14X7. As I udnerstand you dont have that as a standard size. So is that something you will have later? Or Is there any suggestion on how can I fit a 12X6 by using some sort of an adapter of something?

We don’t currently have plans to manufacture additional sizes beyond 4x10, 4x12, 6x10, or 6x12, though we have received a good number of requests for 6x14 size vents. Some customers are building their own adapters to fit our vents to larger duct-work, and Amazon sells booster adapters that can be used for the same purpose. We may introduce our own adapters in the future.

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@NateKeenHome Thanks for the info. I just ordered 4 vents for my home , now what these adapters exist.

That’s awesome! Congrats. If you need anything from us shoot me a message here or to

@NateKeenHome is your integration with smart things complete or is it still ongoing?

We have a fully working version, but are constantly refining it as we get closer to launch. Naturally, we want to have the best possible product across platforms on day 1.

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Hey everyone. I wanted to let you all know that our founders are doing an AMA on Reddit right now. If you have any questions you can ask them directly:

Hey everyone! Thought you would be interested in knowing that we just opened up pre-orders again! You can get up to 35% off on 2 or more vents from now until 6/30. You can pre-order at

We’re also currently running an affiliate promotion where you can get a four vent system free by saving your friends $40 on their pre-orders. You can find out more here.

@NateKeenHome - I don’t see anything for Base Board vents on your site. Do you offer them? If not is there anyway to retro fit your vents into a baseboard vent?

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Anyone have these yet or are they still pre-order items?

We aren’t manufacturing baseboard vents at this time, but it is something we have been asked about before. We’ll introduce additional sizes next year.

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Smart Vents are still in pre-order, but we’re getting closer. Still 15% off!

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@NateKeenHome, when are y’all targeting to ship these?

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