Keen Smart Home Vents

Hi @pcotter,

As indicated in the installation file (in the downloaded zip), all the use cases for the ScheduleTstatZones smartapp are documented at the ST community wiki.

  • First, have you set up the vent control settings in GeneralSetup?

ScheduleTstatZones has many features and you need to set up the vent control flag to true in order to control the vents (the default is false).

  • If the vent control flag is set, could you send some logs from the IDE using Live logging?

It`s hard for me to tell you if you have some configuration issues without any logs…

Refer to the ST community wiki for more details:

And, send me the logs to

EDIT: After checking your logs, the issue is the custom DTH that you are using which returns “program” as the thermostatMode and does not follow the ST standard capabilities. My smartapp cannot then determine if your thermostat is in cool, heat, or auto mode.

#1 - yes, that is enabled.

#2 - I will send you the logs I have for now, let me know if you need more

is there a DH for the Keen Vents that will let them execute locally ?
Trying to reduce my cloud dependency if possible and will probably switch to a ZWAVE thermostat and get rid of the ecobee


There is currently no such thing as a custom DTH that executes locally. Only ST built device handlers get that privelige…

Nathan, sorry if i was not clear. I do see a DH from ST for the keen Vents which still runs in the cloud. Was inquiring if that would get moved to local execution as well…


It would have to be adopted by ST natively before that would ever happen.

Although it (ST adopting a community DTH and making it core) is not outside the realm of possibility and has happened in the past (years ago) I wouldn’t bet on it at this time… (read: snowballs chance in Texas) The ST devs are currently deep in a platform migration that at the end we (the community) have an entirely different solution for custom devices than the DTHs as they exist today. So it’s not really in thier best interest to do so.

Besides what if you do get the custom vent DTH operating locally. You’ll still need Yves Keen manager app for anything beyond basic control which will never be able to run locally.

This is opinion only and the advice is worth exactly how much you just paid for it…

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There is a keen vent device handler that is part of the Smartthings platform. I installed a single vent to close when my bride was taking a bath so the AC would not freeze her out and a device handler was already made available by Smartthings. I didn’t need to install a custom DTH. I think the OP is probably asking about that handler. Unfortunately, no one knows if or when it might be made local.

Having to use the custom software is the real problem though.

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Ha that’s a great use case… Hmmmm maybe I need to do that.

I tied it to the open/close sensor on the bathroom door. I also created a rule that maxes out at 90 minutes of closed time in case the door gets closed to keep the grandson out. It increased the WAF a bit. LOL.

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Anyone use the Keen Temp Sensors with ST ? Appreciate what DH to use for them


Hi, you need to use the Xiaomi aqara temp sensor DTH.


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I was able to pair the sensor using Xiomi DH


How did you force SmartThings hub to find it? By holding the pairing button somehow?

Removed from keen hub.

Held the pairing button on device and added to ST

Showed up as Thing in web portal and assigned it the DH

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Thanks so much! Will try that tonight!

I got a Smartthings hub as well as your ScheduleTstatZones app last week and it’s been working really well with my keen home smart vents. One problem is that one of my vents must be slightly too far because it keeps getting disconnected. I was trying to add my old bridge as a zigbee repeater and followed these instructions but it wont show up in the ST Classic app. I tried to hold the button down for 5 seconds but it still doesn’t show up. I tried a “catchall” method I found online but that didn’t work either. Any tips?

Hi, the hub may appear as a “thing”, not as a repeater…

Refer to my previous post

Thanks for the reply, but not one thing shows up when I click add a thing. Is there a way to add this device manually?

Hi, to my knowledge, no. You may want to contact Keen Home support.