Keen Smart Home Vents

i’ve been using this device handler and its been working well for over 6 months (also was part of the Keen Beta)

It shows the pressure as well and has quick adjustment settings

No issues with Keenect v1 & v2

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Sure, It’s the same I’ve been referring in my thread and my posts above. It was built upon mine with a nicer UI (multi-tile).


Hi everyone,
I am sorry if that simple question has been answered already but I am still not sure of the answer…
I have a smartthing already working in my house (very pleased about it) and am thinking about buying these keen vents. This is a 4 stories house including a separated basement. I have up to 7 degrees c difference between the basement and some upstairs rooms, so I expect to improve this with these devices. I have an Ecobee thermostat and I would need 16 vents.
The question is, do I need a keen bridge ? If yes how many as I see they sell a package of 8 vents and 2 bridges ?
Thank you for your assistance, any other advice is welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @cben0ist,

Please refer to my answer below:


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Apologies if this is or seems lazy. Is there any way to set an automation for my vent to set a certain level based on a temperature sensor I have in my room with a built in smartapp? I don’t want to fool with all of the github and custom stuff, I’d rather just have something that works without much tinkering necessary. Do I need the keen hub for that?

Hi Dan,

Some people have used SmartLighting (smartapp dedicated for Lighting) to control somehow the vents.

I personally don’t know how they do it as controlling the vents should be based on different temp/motion/thermostat mode/ST hello mode and other parameter readings in real time in order to reach maximum efficiency.

If you’re lazy (as you said), you can contribute to one of my support packages (they sell as low as $3/month), and I will set you up (initial setup) and update the code for you (based on a contribution to one of my zoned heating/cooling solutions).

See this thread for more details:

My zoned heating/cooling solutions are available at my store:


Thank you @yvesracine for your answer.
Dumb question, don’t the vent themselves act as a Zigbee repeater ?

No they dont.

Unfortunately currently there isn’t a st published application for controlling these vents. Your only options are limited control via smart lighting, Yves paid app, Keenect or core.
Yves app and Keenect are dedicated vent control apps, the other two are not.
Keen and st reached out to me directly several months ago requesting that I submit Keenect for publication. While I was honored by the request, I simply didn’t have the time to deal with it.

Hi, I just released new versions of all my zoned Heating/Cooling solution smartapps with the following features:

  • Made some changes in order to take into account contact sensors when adjusting the vents or when calculating the avg temp based on all temps collected at different temp sensors
  • If a contactSensor is open (ex. window), then the vent(s) in the related room will be closed (using the safeguards)
  • If a contactSensor is open, then the temp reading related to the room will not be taken into account for the avg temp calculation
  • The Vent & Temp adjustment can be controlled via the setAdjustmentVentContactFlag & setAdjustmentTempContactFlag parameters in GeneralSetup ( default value is false, so no adjustments with contact sensors are made by default)
  • You’d need to specify also the contactSensor to be used in each room (Room Setup page)

So, now all my zoned heating/cooling solutions can use the following sensors to better control the vents:

  • Presence sensors via the ST hello modes
  • Temp/Motion/Contact sensors for fine tuning the vent settings in real time

The new versions are available at my store for download:

Regards .

I only use these to tell the temperature of air coming out of my vents and to divert the air a little but not close. A couple of them do a terrible job at simply reporting the temp. I don’t feel it’s a good idea to close any vent if you use all rooms. I did buy a keen home hub but could never get a vent to sync to it.


Today, I sent out a new major version of my Zoned Heating/Cooling solutions to all my active contributors.

The new versions enable dynamic temp adjustments (+/- degrees) based on the thermostat’s setpoints for warmer/cooler zones in your home.

This feature is added to the long list of features of the smartapps, amongst others:

  • Ability to schedule the thermostat’s setpoints and to set some predefined vent levels in different rooms permanently or only for some schedules (ex. at Night) temporarily

  • Ability to control the vents based on all ST connected sensors: contact, motion, and presence sensors (using the ST hello modes and routines)

The new versions are available now at my store:

I bought 7 keen vents about a year ago. I never really used then much as I got out off the home automation scene for awhile due to smartthings having so many issues. I recently decided to set up my house again and went to replace the batteries in my vents and was shocked with what I found. 4 out of the 7 had either terrible battery corrosion and/or burn marks! 2 of the 4 were floor units and 2 were ceiling units. I used the Duracell batteries that were supplied with the vent. I replaced the batteries in all but only 2 of the 4 work at all anymore. To say I am highly disappointed would be an understatement. Not only that, but this could be a safety risk. Has anyone else had this issue? See the attached pictures below.

Yikes, that’s not good at all…

It happened to me too.

Hi, you should contact Keen Home support. Is it due to some cleaning detergent (from mopping the floors) getting into the vents?

On my side, I have 16 smart vents since the beta in 2015 (entering their 2nd year), and I haven’t had any issues with them. Batteries are all good (still at 50%).


It sounds like, according to keen support, that customers have been reporting this recently.@Stet1, sorry to hear this happened to you. Did you ever get your issues resolved? Keen support is blaming the batteries and tell me to contact Duracell. They are sending me new battery trays, but they want me to clean the corrosion in units themselves with alcohol and cotton swabs.

@yvesracine, do you live in a cold climate where the heater is used a lot? I live in the PNW so we use the heater quite a bit. I think this is an issue with the batteries maybe getting hot too much from the hot air coming through vents. And the two floor vents were in bedrooms that have carpet so no cleaning solution was used. And the the other two were in the ceilings so again no cleaning solution used.

Sure, I live in Montreal (Canada) where the heater is practically on all day. We have - 20F on a regular basis up here…

another possibility is humidity. Any chance you have one of those humidity mister systems in your duct work? It senses when humidity is low and mists into the duct work to humidify the house. Maybe even just a room humidifier might create condensation.

No humidity mister to my knowledge. I have only owned the house a year or so though. I assume it would be pretty apparent if you have one of those installed?