Keen Smart Home Vents

Did you make sure all your dampers are fully open? Especially those controlling the seco d floor airflow?

Yes. Initially I went to the basement to close the dampers to my MBR, because for whatever reason thats the coldest room upstairs (and its above the garage). To my surprise, they (the dampers) dont work or are fake damper handles that do nothing. I closed it and the airflow didnt change in the MBR. Checked the other dampers to at least ensure theyre all facing the same direction and airflow is consistent in all the rooms.

The air thats coming out of them register the same across the house using a temp gun.

Ive used the temp gun on the walls, around the windows, and in the corners of the ceiling to see if there are hot spots. There are very small hot spots above the windows.

There are air returns in almost every room of the house if that matters.

If you want to take this to the next level

Ive tried to close the dampers and nothing changes, leading me to believe the handles are just for show.

My next step will be to install a powered eve vent to see if that helps. Then a duct fan if needed.

Its really frustrating and this project of mine has plummeted my WAF towards anything SH related.

Hello everyone, what is the latest/best device handler for the vents? the published one? Is there a custom one??


You will find the 2 best DTHs here in the 1st post. They will not drain your battery life as much as they do a poll every 5 minutes (instead of every minute).


I was always under the impression that closing vents in your HVAC system is bad bad bad. Creates unnecessary pressure the system is not designed up work with. Causes overworking and shortened lifespan of the system.

Anytime you block off supply register openings, system static pressure goes up. Depending on of how much airflow is blocked off, the static pressure increase could be substantial.

If Keen has figured out something that circumvents this, please tell me because I do love the idea of being able to zone off parts of the house during certain types of climate.

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OK I realized I have been using one of those (v1.01) but I like the looks of the other one. Is there one that shows the temperature on the button while on the list screen?


Hi, No, none of the DTHs display the temperature in the list.

It is very easy for you to change any DTH to make it display anything in the list, simply replace the item displayed. Be aware that the temperature is the cold air’s blowing from the AC, not the room temperature.

As for best, you need to define what best means. I cannot help but notice that a paid DTH author is providing misleading information by uniliaterally declaring his DTH as being the best. I am using the stock DTH and about three months in I have about 90% battery left. Is it the best? I don’t know, but it’s good enough for me. And free. I mean, for crying out loud, it allows me to turn on/off, adjust the level, see the blown air temperature and battery level. What’s missing? Maybe air pressure? But how many actually understand what that number means and the normal range?

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@ady624, you should READ first before posting false information. I never said that it’s not possible, but the current DTHs (out of the box) don’t provide what he wants.

AND, no Keen Home DTHs require payment.

So, You ARE clearly mistaken…


Before you become your usual acidic temperament, perhaps it would be wise to:

  1. read my post again. I did not say you said it’s not doable. I said that @jefo13 can easily modify ANY DTH to make it display what he wants. Jump the gun much these days?

  2. I apologize if your DTH is not a paid one, your code usually is - and it leads to asking the user to pay for your app to unleash the “full functionality”, since they spent so much money on the thermostat, what’s some $20 more to it. Tell me you don’t say that :smiley: Besides that, I did NOT say that this DTH is paid, I said a “paid DTH author” - that is an author that makes paid DTHs. Do you not do that?

My point is, you CANNOT in all honesty tell someone your own code is the best. You CAN give your opinion on other’s code, but I find it immoral to tell someone your code is best and leave it at that, as you are clearly highly subjective on the matter. Instead of manipulating people, try and give them the facts and let them choose. And to fend myself, I am not saying your DTH is not the best, it may be, I don’t know. All I am debating is you claiming your DTH is the best. That’s WRONG.

Thank you

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As always, you don’t read properly before posting.

Actually if you refer to the 2 DTHs I’m talking about, you will soon realize that the one of the DTHs which I consider the best was not coded by me but by John C.

And, I originally made some changes to the stock DTH not only because of the battery issue, but also because it always reports the vents open.

I was part of the Keen Home beta program, so I know what I am talking about.

So again, if you don’t what you’re talking about, just stop embarrassing yourself.

You always make me laugh. You really think I am embarrassing myself, right? Do you truly believe that?

As for your suggestion someone else’s DTH is best, I can’t really agree with you, here’s what you suggest the 2 “best” DTHs are:

Oh boy, yours is first. And this is from your referenced post.

Tell me, I can’t win this, right? Because you never see the forest from the branches… I’ll leave it at that, you win :smiley:

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And this is a personal insult, just so you know. Got any proof please?

Yes, I win again because you have posted false information twice before reading my posts.

And, you don’t know the INs and OUTs of the Keen Home context, and you want to chip in regardless.

So, before posting some false feedback about my posts, just read and “thread” carefully.

Uh, what have we got here?

Wow, what’s that supposed to mean, tread carefully? Threats now? LOL

There is simply no winning with you, Mr Best Coder… Simply no winning, and it’s not because you’re right

Best laugh I had in days though.

[quote=“yvesracine, post:606, topic:5826, full:true”]
you have posted false information twice before reading my posts.[/quote]

Can you please show me again, with PROOF this time? And how exactly did I post before reading? LOL

You might learn something in the process about Keen Home…

And, BTW, you should try John’s DTH, the look and feel is much better than the stock device, and it just works.

That’s the one I’m using at home (since it was built with a multi-tile and has a nice UI).
(Mine is used by people who want to keep the same look & feel as the stock device).