Keen Smart Home Vents

I was keeping it at 74 because of the little ones…But yeah, you can reverse the temperatures and you have my summer conditions. My oldest’s room would be 83 while our master would be a lot colder, maybe not 65…but close to 68

No smart bridge, vents are zigbee and connect to ST hub. You’d probably need at least one in each room and definitely more than 1/2 in your master.

Thanks, good because I hate more hubs! I only 2 vents in my Master bedroom. I might be able to solve this issue by partially closing my dumb vents in that room and not even need Keen vents at all since my other rooms are fine.

Hi Everyone, Maybe the people at Keen or the users here can help, I have the Keen vents on the Smartthings Hub and i purchased several smart things temp/humidity sensors. how can i have the vents open and close based on desired room temps?
Is there a smart app out there?? I really appreciate your input.


Hi @jsf1970,

There are many ways to control the vents, amongst others, see my posts:

If you want more than just controlling the vents, like some real zoned heating/cooling solutions…

This is the one I use. Seems to work great for me. [RELEASE] Keenect V1.2.0, optional separate vo settings for cooling, vent obstruction auto clear


i have been using this smartapp for a while now on our upstairs HVAC with ecobee thermostat and ecobee remotes in each room to control the temp and have installed keen vents on 5 /9 vents (was worried about pressure build up) and left the common areas and bath rooms cranked 1/2 open on regular vents.

Most of our bedrooms are not occupied and i have set them to a higher temp than the rest and now the master bedroom and the kids room get cooler faster as there is more airflow to them and my Heating bill is lower than last year…

Any insight on how to take a square vent which I believe is like a 12x12 down to like a 6x12 vent or something

Hi @egobuster1, refer to this post for how to custom build your vent frame using fit-kits:


I bought some thin boards from hobby lobby, making sure they were larger than the vent holes, and then used my dermal to cut a hole for the keen vents to fit. I placed them over the larger openings and screwed them in. Worked perfectly for me.

Thin boards of what material? I am interested in building an 8x10 adapter that won’t break the bank. Ponoko is upwards of $50… Which really doesn’t make sense. Almost as expensive as the vent itself. So it will have to be a DIY project…

Hi @ady624. They were simple balsa wood boards about 5mm thick, which I would think you could buy from any hobby shop.

I first laid the old vents on them and cut them to size, then laid the keen vents on the middle, and cut out the opening. Once installed I painted them the same color as the walls and they look fine… which means they were wife approved. :slight_smile:

I can now easily put back the old vents, if I ever needed too, and did not damage the keen vents.

Just FYI, I have been using these with @yvesracine’s ScheduleRoomControl app, and generally can get the upstairs/downstairs, front/back balanced to within 1.5C, which previously proved impossible, especially in a Southern California summer.



I’ve just released a basic (freemium) version of my zoned heating/cooling solutions. The smartapp was commissioned by Keen Home.

See this thread for more details:

The more feature comprehensive versions are available for download at my store:


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stumbled on this today. 3d model for 6x12 and 6x14 adapters that can be 3d printed to fit keen vents.

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Can anyone tell me how high these stick up above the ground. Thinking about my robot vacuum getting stuck.

I have two robot vacs and they dont have an issue at all with these vents. I have the Neato D85s

@NateKeenHome, I got my vents a while ago, 3 of them, and finally got around to installing the 2nd one, one issue i’ve noticed is that the area with the battery is loose, I had to actually tape it down to keep the vent on, any way to fix it?

Also, when then vent is fully closed, there’s too much hissing noise, do you guys have a way to fix this as well? It gets too loud.

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We’ve started offering Smart Vent pre-orders with Trim Kits! Check them out (just click “More Sizes”).

Hey there. Follow the instructions in this video to adjust the battery placement. If that doesn’t work DM me with your address information and I’ll send you a replacement cartridge.

How close is this vent to your air handler? The closer the vent, the higher the air velocity, and the more likely you are to hear noise when the vent is closed (because every vent intentionally leaks a little bit of air to relieve back pressure).

Nate, do the new vents differ in any way from the first batch? New hardware? New software?
Also, do the new filters work with the first batch of vents?
Are the trim kits available for purchase for the first batch of vents as well?

Thank you