Keen Smart Home Vents

Hi @apropo73,

ecobee3RemoteSensorInit is only required if you have ecobee3’s remote sensors that you want to expose to ST and use them for your HA scenarios.

ScheduleRoomTempControl does not average any temp, only ScheduleTstatZones or ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule do the average temp calculation within a zone.

ScheduleRoomTempControl was created to just control the vents based on each room’s temperature within a zone vs. the cooling and heating thresholds.

It is used for the different use cases described at the ST community wiki under the configuration section:


Thanks for the prompt reply!
If so, which one of the two smartapps would you recommend to use if I am interested to set different heat/cool setpoints for different zones/schedules and not to let my ecobee3 to override it, ScheduleTstatZones or ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule ?

@apropo73, what do you mean by " not to let my ecobee3 to override it"?

I’d recommend to use the ecobee climates (or ecobee scheduled programs) as much as possible as the ST scheduling is not as reliable as the ecobee scheduling…

You can then make adjustments to your setpoints using ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule by associating the smartapp’s schedule to a given ecobee climate. The smartapp is able to average out your temp based
on all temp sensors within a zone.

Please carefully read the use cases at

That’s what I do at home,and it works well.

Otherwise, if you still want to rely on ST scheduling, then ScheduleTstatZones can be used, but you’d need to go to the ecobee portal, and clean & set the minimal settings in your schedule to avoid any overlap. The smartapp will then create a “hold” at your thermostat by applying the schedule’s setpoints.

EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule is more designed towards ecobee thermostats as it can do ‘resume program’ to avoid successive holds…

As I said earlier, if your use cases are “custom”, I can help you but I will have to charge you a consulting fee.


I’m still trying to sort it out on my own. Thanks

For those who were interested in fitting a 6"X10" keen vent into a 8"X10" vent opening, see this pic. I tried something rough to see how it looks … The finish is not so good…screwed up the joints of the frame… But I think this is a good solution. I made a wooden frame and used Window seal to ensure it has a snug fit against the ceiling, so that air does not leak. Painted using gloss finish white spray paint to match the plastic. If you ignore the poor craftsmanship of the joints…this seems workable. When I close this vent (30%) , I get better air flow in my master and it gets warmer faster…due to this I am able to set my thermostat to Heat of 70 instead of 74 earlier…The thermostat is located right under the smart vent…:slight_smile: Mission Accomplished!

Will be trying for the second vent…but will make the frame with the right tools this time and with precision. Hopefully it will have a better finish.



Please take note of the following thread:

P.S. The ScheduleTstatZones,ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule & ScheduleRomTempControl smartapps will be only available to those who contribute with a donation. Thnx for your understanding.

How do you get these to factory reset? I tried ejevting the battery 5x like the FAQ says but no success


I installed three Smart Vents this weekend, and with the latest updates from Samsung and yvesracine, all is working well.
However, for those of you looking for simpler solutions than yvesracine’s HVAC-centric apps, I’ve been very happy with bravenel’s Rule Machine.
It’s now driving two Keen registers that close when a temperature threshold (measured by Ecobee 3 sensors) is exceeded, and open when the rooms cool, and the third vent, in my BR, is automatically closed 11 hours/day based on time (unless the room is below a minimum).
For me, the Rule Machine app is simpler to set up, as it doesn’t force you through the complexity and setup for Zones and Rooms, just a simple If This, then do That or The Other.
The other reason I’m using Rule Machine instead of ScheduleRomTempControl is that it Doesn’t try to protect the user’s HVAC system: I have one register about 4 feet from the furnace - the air comes out Hot. The ScheduleRoomTempControl app noticed from the vent that the airflow was 127F, and tried to open all the other vents to relieve imagined insufficient airflow.
I’ll be curious to see the Keen app, but you certainly don’t need it to make effective use of the vents.
I’ve noticed one very cool feature: if you go to the Vent Thing, there is a red slider at bottom left that sets the % of Vent Open. If you set it there, and then Close the vent there, when Rule Machine turns the Vent to On again (i.e. opens the vent) it will be opened to the amount you set in the thing, and it stays set.

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The keen vents support setLevel, which is a dimmer command. So if you wish you can also select them as dimmers in RM

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Excellent! I was just using On / Off.

I was wondering how you exposed the ecobee 3 sensors for RM? Yvesracine created an ecobee 3 remote sensor init but he notes that it’s not too reliable yet due to some ST related issues.

I struggled with yveracine’s code for several days, and finally concluded that due to inherent delays in the ST communications process and in Ecobee’s data feed, it just wasn’t worth it.
I bought ST Temp/Humidity sensors for the bathroom and the storage room where local temperature control is desired. Those two rooms don’t need Ecobee sensors anyway.

My Keen smart vent keeps losing connection. I have to do a battery resrt every time I want it to re-pair. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Not seeing this issue with other Zigbee devices.

Same here, I have 5 6x10s and they have randomly dropped out once a week or so. I’m starting to think they aren’t ready for prime time. :frowning:

@NateKeenHome Do you have any comment on this one? Should we return our vents?

I have had no such problems with 3 vents.

Have you tried simply setting them in a room closer to the hub where you can see the action, to see if you have range issues?

I had the same issue with 2 of my vents. Very annoying. My vents were also reporting the temp and pressure every 10 seconds or so. I corrected the second issue with a different device type and reset all my vents by pulling the battery for a few seconds. Haven’t had the problem since I did that (probably about a month ago).

@yvesracine I am new to the ST setup and have a nest thermostat. I went to Lowes and got 4 of the Keen vents and have a ST temp sensor in each of those rooms. I read thru the posts on your ScheduleRoomTempControl and ScheduleTstatZones apps and got them both to see the difference. What I have noticed is it keeps the vents closed to about 30% all the time unless I tell it to close them all the way. What I was hoping for was a way to use the vents and temp sensors to provide as close to a true zoned AC system as possible (My room stays 68, the living room 70, and the kids rooms at about 69 as an example) but all it is doing is keeping the vents closed or almost closed no matter how cold the sensors read. My room sensor was at about 65 degrees and the set temp on the thermostat was 69 but the vent was closed all the way (or at about 30% if I had it set to not let it close it all the way). What am I doing wrong or is this app not designed for what I need?


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I am very interested in what you find out because this is exactly what I am hoping to do

Hi Matt,

Could you send me the logs within Live Logging? Just filter the relevant smartapps.

I use the smartapp every day at home, and it works well, so if you can send me the logs, I will check if there are no configuration issues…

Please PM me the logs or better yet use the following email: With the latter, I can keep track of our conversation and get a better context for each customer.