Kasa outdoor camera by tp-link (currently $89)

Are these compatible with smartthings? Anyone have any experience with them? They are $89.99 right now on Amazon (usually $140)

I was just given one for a late Xmas present and set it up today. Seems to be a good camera with reasonable control. BUT, now I would like to integrate it with Smartthings so if it detects motion then maybe is casts the video on my TV or at least flashes a light or 2. And maybe turns the outside lights on bright if it is at night.

So if anyone has experience with this camera and Smartthings, I would like to hear what you have managed to do with it.

Possible a backwards way thru IFTTT but have not looked yet.

Edit…just spent an hour in IFTTT and there is not a single trigger that lets you use motion detection on this camera to trigger something else. So it is going back…gift or not.


Is it possible to integrate? Any news on this?

I’m also interested in integrating my KC200 into my SmartThings infrastructure - anyone have any success doing this?