Jinvoo Smart Valve SM-AW713 or other cheap valve setup?

Hi All, currently researching available smartvalves. Stubled over this thing on Amazon:

Just wanted to ask if someone might have tried creting a DHT for it? Looks like it’s all proprietary wi-fim thus I’m not getting my hopes up, although the price is interesting.

Alternatatively I’m considering glomming a dumb valve actuator together with a zigbee switch, something like this:

and this

Sidenote: I love these switches as they are cheap, reliable and super easy to McGyver into other purposes (just remember to cut the mains copper lines to the relay on BOTH sides of the pcb)

Anyhow, if anyone’s got any other suggestions on a valve setup, I’m all ears.
Thanks, Max

If you’re OK with one that is Mains powered, a lot of people use a dumb valve actuator that plugs in and just plug it into an inexpensive smart plug. There are lots of different possible device configurations and people have posted about a dozen different project reports on these.

Here’s a recent discussion that also includes the link to the full list:

Just to tie up this loose end from last year, i ended up going with the Jinvoo valve. One has to keep in mind that it’s a 220VAC device, i.e. you’ll need a little step up transformer in front. Second, those of you thinking about a plug, unless you are prepared for turning on the water back on manually forget about using a plug, as you will need power to turn the valve both ways. Fortunately a simple relay can be controlled by the switch I mentioned above. And guess what, they work nicely with 220v too.