Jawbone Up & Smartthings

I’ve had my Smartthings V2 hub now as part of the insiders campaign and I’ve been mostly impressed (although wasn’t so happy when my Sonos started belting out barking dogs at 100% volume and scared my puppy and I half to death this evening for no reason!).

A week ago I had the option to link the device in with my Jawbone UP24 but oddly now that option seems to have vanished (as have all health and fitness trackers from the things menu). Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

It disappeared because it requires oauth, which currently is broken for the UK. This affects most third party integrations which don’t connect directly to the smart things hub but instead use cloud to cloud integration. See the following thread:

Thanks, I assumed this would be the case.

Tried to add the device manually via the UI online and it failed (of course) and now I can’t remove it!

Support can remove it from their side if you email them.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @JDRoberts - now OAuth is fixed here in the UK, when will the Jawbone integration (along with all the other 3rd partys) work please?

No idea, I’d check with support.

The official smartthings/jawbone integration worked great for me in the US for about three months from I think December 2014 until February 2015. At that point, it just started breaking every few weeks. I think all in all I had about six different support tickets go in on it. It would break, then it would work again for a little while, then it would break again.

Back around July 2015, support suggested that I stop using the official integration and instead use the jawbone as a button controller device using a different device type. But to be honest that was just too much work to set up so I stopped using it with SmartThings.

As far as other third-party integrations, SmartThings staff have said in the forums that each one that uses OAuth requires some modification, so it takes some work on the partner’s part as well as SmartThings. I haven’t seen any specific timelines announced for any of them.

But we do know that smarttiles is working, smartrules has put in their fix and is waiting on Apple approval for it to appear in the iTunes Store, and IFTTT is working, so it looks like things are starting to improve. Just no idea for any one individual partner what will happen when.

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Hi @JDRoberts

I checked with support but they just pointed me toward IFTTT, which is no good.

The functionality i am after is very simple. When i push the button (to enter sleep mode), i want ST to enter “night” mode. When i press it again to enter awake mode - i want ST to enter “good morning” mode.

Have you got any idea how this can be achieved?

Thanks so much for your help!


That’s the part that broke for me. :fearful:

Supposedly you can set it up as a button controller like a minimote but I haven’t tried that. You could ask support for help with that.

Sorry I can’t help more. I gave up on it after the fourth or fifth time the integration broke.

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