Jasco Motion Indicator (Was: Jasco Nightlight)

I searched for a bit, but does anyone have something that will turn on the blue LED on Jasco/GE lights with motion? I want the light switches to function light night lights when motion is detected, and then turn off when motion is not detected.


Interesting idea… as far as I know the ability to turn on/off the LED is not something that is exposed to SmartApps, though it is something that SmartThings can change. I’d try shooting an email to support and just see if there is a way to modify that is a SmartApp at all.

I do know that handling the LED on/off isn’t always 100% reliable… at least when I check last (which admittedly was many months ago).

I’ve noticed that the LED sometimes is out of sync with the app until the switch is removed and re-added. Just something to keep in mind.

Si have those switches. Go to the device and click on the gear icon on the corner of the icon. You should see a setting there that may help.

I forked the Smart Nightlight SmartApp and changed to work with the indicator light instead. Essentially, all I did was modify references to “on” with “indicatorWhenOff” and “off” with “indicatorNever”. The indicator light will be off by default and will only turn on when there is motion and the switch is off.

My “Smart Indicator Nightlight” version is available at https://github.com/notoriousbdg/SmartThings.SmartIndicatorNightlight.

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Nice! Thank you! I’ll rip into this later tonight

I have Aeon multisensors which include luminance. Can it be enhanced to only turn on if the sensor indicates it is dark and motion?

It already supports a optional luminance sensor.

Cool. It was looking me in the face.

It works in my bathroom.

Thanks again!

So this is pretty awesome. I have ~60 or so switches and ~20 motion sensors (usually multiples per room). So I forked your branch and then took off the TOD / luminescence component. I then added multi sensor since I have a lot of overlapping sensors.


Now the LED indicator acts like “hey I saw you” whenever motion is detected, and has the added benefit of being a real nice night light when its dark out. No more blinding my face off in the middle of the night too.

I might take this another step and turn on the indicator even if the switch is on. Thanks again

I also like how the LEDs turn on/off silently compared to the click of the switch.

Same here. It is nice to turn it on from an adjacent room before you enter the room.

@notoriousbdg can you save the on/off state and only turn on/off to keep the default state when there is motion? In other words, keep all the LEDs off when no motion but only turn it on if that is the default?

I have outlets where the LED status is still informative. I don’t want to lose this but it is wasteful (and annoying) to be on when no one is there to see them.

I just added multiple motion sensor support to my version. I should be able to make TOD and luminescence optional to hopefully eliminate the need for multiple versions.

I’m not sure I understand the use case. Indicator lights have 3 options (indicator on when the switch is off, indicator on when switch is on, and always off). For the indicator night light use case, indicator on when switch is off is mandatory when motion occurs. That also means that the default state would be either indicator on when switch is on or always off. Are you saying that indicator on when switch is on is a default state that you have for some switches? Can you provide more information regarding the use case?

Yeah it is hard to explain.

Most of my outlets have the LED on when switched off. Thus, at night it already works as a night light. However, I don’t like the LED on if no one is there to use it. On the other hand, if an outlet is on, I don’t want this LED to be turned on as a night light.

Another way of thinking of it is turn off LEDs when no one is there to see them.

Unfortunately, keeping track of when it should be on or off gets rather messy in the code and probably is too error prone to be worth it.

Thank you sir. @ben would be foolish to not roll this excellent work up into the larger base! :slight_smile: