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ISY99i contention with SmartThings

(Bob) #1

Hi all,

New to forum today, just searched and didn’t find this topic covered.

I have an ISY99 with ZWave and a SmartThings Hub to control locks and other ZWave devices. In troubleshooting a Schlage Connect lock that kept autolocking, I determined that SmartThings appears to be locking the lock if it’s unlocked by the ISY. I am basing this on the following: Autolock feature confirmed to be turned off in Schlage lock. Unlock command from ISY runs, door unlocks, then it locks back up almost immediately. If on the other hand the unlock command comes from SmartThings, the door stays unlocked. This seems to be recent, either after the last Hub firmware update or after a recent SmartThings iOS app update. I had been listening to hold music from Schlage’s support line for about 20 minutes when I realized this and I hung up, so they haven’t confirmed this is true. All I know is there was no auto-locking set on this lock before, and I know it isn’t the auto-lock feature anyway because that has a 30-second delay and this locking is occurring almost immediately after the unlock, almost as if SmartThings is saying, oh no you don’t. It’s nice that SmartThings ensures the lock maintains a state consistent with its expectations, except I’d like the ISY to also have the ability to control the lock and for the two hubs to play nicely together.

Has anyone else noticed similar behavior? Is there any way to get a log from the SmartThings hub that tells when it sent commands and to what?


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

This is not expected behavior (at least, not in my 5+ years using SmartThings!), so I would do some more double checking, including temporarily removing your Lock from SmartThings, observing Live Logging in SmartThings (when you expect the abnormal behavior to occur), etc.,

I’m tagging @RBoy who is vendor with various super useful SmartApps and Device Handlers, including Lock Management.


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The only way this can happen is if there is a SmartApp associated with the lock. That’s easy to find out, click on your lock, click on SmartApps and see what’s listed. Remove all the apps and then see if it happens.

Are you sure that the ISY99 isn’t sending the lock command to the lock itself? If you’re using this device hander it will confirm if the AutoLock feature is disabled visually on the tile.

The other way to confirm, power off your ST hub. Then try it, now with the hub offline it relocks then it’s the lock or the ISY99. If it doesn’t relock then it’s likely an ST app.


(Bob) #4

Thanks for the replies. There was indeed a SmartApp associated with the front door lock. I deleted that.

Unfortunately, before that, I removed the locks from the ISY and re-addded them, then everything was fine with the ISY.

But then SmartThings didn’t know about the locks anymore, saying they were unavailable. So I removed them and added them back there.

Then, guess what? The ISY doesn’t know about them again. For status, it shows “unknown”.

It’s admittedly been awhile since I set all this up, but I can’t remember what sequence I went in to get both hubs working with the locks. Do I have to make either the ISY or SmartThings the primary controller?


(Bob) #5

In case anyone else has this issue of needing to integrate an ISY994iZw with a SmartThings hub, and finding that adding it to one or the other causes the other not to recognize the devices added, here’s what I did to get them in sync:

  1. Add all the Zwave devices to the SmartThings hub.

  2. Do NOT add any Zwave devices to the ISY994. Instead, put the ISY994 in Zwave receive mode (Zwave menu/Receive (Learn) mode) and add it to the SmartThings hub. SmartThings will show up in the 994iZw as PC controller, and the 994iZw will show up in SmartThings as Zwave controller. Note that you will not yet necessarily see all the Zwave devices the ST hub knows about.

  3. After the ISY has been successfully added to the ST hub, on the ISY994iZw, do a Zwave repair links (Zwave/Tools/Repair Links). Other devices will start appearing on the ISY.

Hope this helps.