Question on devices failing

Ok so after the last update and seeing some posts about things not responding I did some checking last night. I had 10 multi purpose sensors that were not responding anymore. I was able to reset 6 but 4 seem to be a total failure. Anyone else see this?

Nope all good here. I had no device failures and I think ST is doing very good.

It’s wireless and subject to interference. ZigBee is 2.4 you know how crowded that space is? Zwave not so much as 900 isn’t as crowded as once was. Cordless phones anyone lol

ST you’re doing a good job.

I sleep great knowing ST is working good!!!

Wonder why none of my iris sensors which I have 8 of those have never gone offline which are zigbee.

Ok found out why. The battery reporting is no were close to accurate. It was showing 67% and they were dead.

Good one Alex the failure … maybe SAMSUNG can pay you for that free advertisement plug

yes, 5 multi purpose sensors stopped reporting. Changed battery, reset it and added them back to work.