Issue Adding Child apps

Hi - I added the Master App in the Lock manager for schlage z-wave touchscreen camelot , then did add child apps but messed up something later on with the copy and paste of the source code at the last step. Confused i deleted the child apps and now i wish to add them again and cannot can someone help. I have the repository and master app all set just need to add the child apps. Kindly advise

Did you copy the child app from the raw code and created a new smartapp on IDE using the code?

Yes i did earlier on and then deleted everything and wanted to start fresh, when i did everything remain interacted but for the addition of child apps

And deleting everything including the master app then re installing?

Are you using github repo on IDE or copy/paste raw code?

I see you added more info, could you specify what app are you using for your lock? I have the same lock but I use rboy app

i use smarthings hub right now and paired with the lock. Don’t use any app if u can guide me to use another app i am cool using that too

Also i tried adding the master app i cannot not sure what went wrong

I’m a little lost, what app are you adding? Is the Smart Lock app from Smart Apps inside Automation in Smartthings?

I deleted everything but for the lock child app. I need to reinstall from scratch the Lock manager app. My issue is when i try to copy from the Gift src code for lock manager, lock, keypad and lock user app it says it’s copy successfully with no errors but when i go into the smart app i see lock manager but i cannot perform any of the functions within the app as it’s hung. Is there a way i can start fresh, as i still cannot delete the lock child app on my smart apps. Thanks in advance.