iSpy vs Blue Iris

So I’ve seen some people mention Blue Iris. I currently have 10 security cameras (most INSTEON 720P, but a few new Amcrest ones which I’m going with going forward) and I use iSpy to do all the recording but iSpy hasn’t been the most stable and wigs out the video of my 2k camera all the time. Is Blue Iris better than iSpy? Any thoughts?

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I don’t have any experience with iSpy, but I use Blue iris and like it a lot. There is some SmartThings integrations which make them work together very well.

I found configuring BI easier but I had to shell out $50? for it :slight_smile: I also like that I can use my ST devices to trigger recording. There’s probably a lot more features in it that I have not tapped into.

I started with Ispy and ended up with Blue Iris. I find Blue Iris more stable and easier to deal with not to mention limited ST integration such as motion, and mode change.

Thanks everyone. I have the trial version up and running now and it’s already MUCH better at recording so I think I’m heading that direction already.

I find there’s always some type of discount coupon for BI as well so do a search before purchase.

Awesome, thanks for the tip!

yeah, and if you happen to need another camera a lot of places will bundle it with the camera for cheaper. i think i got it for $45 when i bought my Foscam C1.

How does Blue Iris compare to Synology Surveillance Station?

I went back and forth between Blue Iris and Synology Surveillance Station. The biggest issue with SS is that the licensing costs after 2 devised are outrageous.

do you know if you can update the cameras arm/disarmed status in surveillance station with smartthings?