Is wink2 the best choice for my case?

I am now setting up smart home at my place. My friend recommends me Lutron dimmer switch and EVE light switch. This Black Friday there is a really great deal with Lutron dimmer switch + bridge + google home mini at 99.99. So I bought it and also bought some EVE light switches. I already have a apple tv at home.
My door lock only supports z-wave, so I believe I need to buy a wink2 hub in order to include my lock in the whole system, right? Then, I am wondering can wink2 be used as the Lutron bridge? If so, I don’t need a Lutron bridge.
I can use apple tv as the hub as well and link it to wink2? Then, I can use siri to voice control all the devices. So there is no need for the google home mini.
Since Wink2 is must buy, I guess I should return this bundle and just buy the Lutron dimmer switch alone. This can save me $30?
Would any professionals give me some suggestions here?

Thank you.

SmartThings supports Z-Wave, what lock is it?

Wink supports Lutron stuff directly, SmartThings supports Lutron but you need the Lutron Bridge.

This forum is for people who are using the smartthings platform, so I wouldn’t expect to get answers about wink here.

Your Eve switches will only work with HomeKit, they will not work with either wink or smartthings. And they will not work with Google home or Amazon echo. Just Siri.

The Apple TV is the same way: it does not work with either wink or smartthings, just with HomeKit/Siri. To get the Apple TV to work with Google home, you have to also have a Logitech Harmony Hub.

So at this point you have some decisions to make. Either you are going to run multiple systems, one for your lock and one for your switches, or you are going to have to replace your lock with one that works with HomeKit, or you should return the Eve switches as they are not going to work with your other devices.

What are you using now to control your Z wave lock?

Now I feel I am really an idiot. When I did the google, I thought “SmartThings” is a general name for all the “smart” devices in a home. So I thought I could ask any questions related to smart home here. I am sorry.
I am using Schlage BE469NXCEN619. It was installed a year ago. When I bought it, I thought I could link it to my cell phone directly. I am not using anything to control it at the moment. I am now setting up my smart home. I am trying to avoid buying different hubs to make everything connected.
Because my apple tv and lock cannot be returned since they were bought long time ago. I’ll go with apple homekit. So I need to buy a wink2 for the lock and those switches are good with wink2. But can wink2 link to apple homekit? I guess I don’t need google home at the moment. I’ll use siri instead(I have an apple watch). Is this the optimal solution(spend less money)? If wink2 cannot link to apple homekit, is there a hub that can connect to my lock and link to the apple homekit as well?
Thank you.

No problem it’s easy to get confused. “SmartThings” without a space between “smart” and “things” is a trademark of Samsung and refers to a specific home automation platform.

At the present time, unless you have a good technical background and want to do some programming, HomeKit/Siri only works with the devices on the official list on the Apple site:

You will see your Eve switches there, and the Lutron SmartBridge. But wink does not work with HomeKit. And neither does the particular lock model that you have.

At the present time, there isn’t any hub that can work out of the box with both your lock and with Siri. And since you didn’t realize you needed a hub to make your lock work, I don’t think going into the highly technical options is going to fit your needs. That’s why I said you have some choices to make.

Either you get a different lock that will work with HomeKit, or you return your Eve switches and get a wink hub ( in which case you can run your lights and your lock from the same system, and it will work with Google home, but it will not work with Siri), or you run multiple systems and understand that not everything will work together.

Thank you, Robert.
By the way, if I buy the wink2, do I still need Lutron birdge?

If you buy the Wink to take control of the light switches then, no, you don’t need to use the Lutron bridge. But then the Lutron switches will not work with HomeKit, you need the SmartBridge for that.