Is this Possible - Life 360 / Ecobee / Rule Question

Is it possible to have a rule setup of some sort where if I’m at work at a certain time of day change the set temp of my ecobee.

Im just basically looking to automate turning up the heat at a certain time of day if I’m at work. I could just schedule a time for the ecobee to change the temp…but if Im away on vacation or not working that day I dont want it to do this.

I dont think Core can do this with Life360. Any ideas?

create a Life360 account install Life360 on your phone and in SmartThings.
Create an away routine when you are gone change the temperature no need for Core but would in Core as well.
You could do the same thing without Life360 just create a virtual presence sensor in SmartThings on your phone.

Why not just turn off the motion activated climate control then adjust your schedule to kick the temperature to the desired level? While you can automate it via SmartThings, the Echbee is capable of meeting your need alone.

I find the motion controlled activation annoying as it doesn’t actually kick the HVAC on until I’m home and and it can take an hour to bring the climate to the desired temperature.

I only want it to change the temp if no one is home or ecobee set to away
and I am at work. I think life 360 would be necessary for this to work.

Ok - then yes - use Life360 or create a mobile phone as a presence sensor. I’ve found the mobile presence sensor to be more reliable since the recent upgrade.

As an aside I’ve been using this SmartApp and Handlers and have been very happy with it for EcoBee. It opens functionality up on the interaction between EcoBee and SmartThings.

I actually think the only way to set this up is to use IFTTT and As I only want it to trigger when I leave work and Core doesnt have that ability.

I will checkout that handler.

Another option is to do what @Scott_Barton did and utilize a Virtual Presence switch. I found it most useful with integration into my Garage Door automation, but it sounds like a viable option here as well. His post is here

It doesnt appear smartthings rules will work with life360 locations ie my work. Im not worried about arriving at home that is simple. Im trying to get it to trigger when I leave my office.

I use Life360 and I have work as one my locations. It should work as well at work as it does at home.

IFTTT Recipe: If Life360 location = work Then Set Virtual Presence switch #MarcWork to Present
IFTTT Recipe: If Location Geofence = work Then Set Virtual Presence switch #MarcWork to Present
IFTTT Recipe: If ST switch #MarcWork = on Then ST tell Ecobee to set away

Or something along those lines.

And once you leave work…have them set #MarcWork to away. Then have it tell Ecobee you are on your way home.

That should work! It was basically the tie in to Smartthings/Core that I was looking for and a virtual presence switch triggered by IFTTT will work.


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Got this all setup. Thanks again!

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