Is there any way to visualize my Z-Wave network or view stats?

Hi everyone,

I keep having random problems with a few Z-Wave devices. When I used HomeSeer and a couple other systems, you could see stats on devices, like neighbours and what not. I have some devices that always stop responding, so I tried buying repeaters and even adding physical devices that are repeaters as well in between but they still aren’t any better. Would be nice if I could see the routes or do testing. With Insteon I could do multiple ping tests to get an idea of the success rate as well. Just wondering if anything similar exists for ST.

SmartThings does not provide us with any mapping utilities. :disappointed_relieved: Some people will take an Aeon zstick and add it to the network as a secondary just to use its utilities.

See the FAQ

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Oh great thanks I’ll look into it. I have the SmartStick+ from HomeSeer it’s a USB one. I also still own HomeSeer as well, so I wonder if maybe I could use that. I’ll check into it, thanks!

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You could request the mapping from Smartthings support. You will get a report of which device is using which repeater but unfortunately it’s depending on which customer support person you get.
Have you tried a z-wave repair in the app? Also what kind of problem? Device health feature is causing plenty of issues since it was released so try Turing it off for isolation.


Yes you should be able to add your HomeSeer USB as a secondary controller. I have done it with an older Cooper Aspire USB Pro running HomeSeer v2. Can’t help you with specific steps, but it should work.

As I recall I had some trouble getting the USB to reset so It would join properly but eventually I got it.

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