How to Test Zwave Repeater Functionality?

Is there a way in the IDE or somewhere that I can see if my devices are communicating with my hub or if they are relaying to a closer Z-Wave device? Additionally, is there a way to see any “signal strength” indicators or anything? I repaired my Z-Wave network, but some of my further away devices don’t seem to be relaying, and it’s difficult to troubleshoot without any signal strength indicators or a notion of which device it is trying to relay to. Any help would be awesome.

At the moment no. There is no way to see your wave map natively. There are some third party apps/devices that can do this though.

Any suggestions on apps to use? It doesn’t need to be pretty. I’m fine with just device IDs. It’s just hard to troubleshoot when I don’t know what’s going on, you know?