Is there any functions that we can use to get device's battery and signal status?

Hi Guys,

Is there any way to get device’s battery status or the signal strength of the devices (Z-Wave and Zigbee)?

If you’re asking from a user interface perspective, then you can see the battery status of a device from it’s detailed view, i.e.

  1. Select the Locations page (second icon from the left at the bottom
    of the SmartThings app)

  2. Then select the “Things” tab (second option from the left near the
    top of the screen, below the name of the location).

  3. From the list of “things” that you have, tap of the one you’re
    interested in (e.g. a SmartThings motion sensor, or whatever).

  4. On the details page that opens for the device, you should see an
    entry for that device’s remaining battery percentage.

(If you’ve grouped your “things” into “rooms”, you could also just tap on the “thing” of interest in the relevant “room” and the detailed view for that “thing” will also open).

If you use SmartTiles to provide yourself with a dashboard, it allows you to add tiles to the dashboard for those devices for which you want to display remaining battery percentage.

If you’re asking from a programming perspective, then look at the capability.battery documentation to see how you can access a device’s battery information from your own code:


It won’t do signal strength but it will put all your battery’s in 1 place, Thx to @notoriousbdg


Thanks - This should be useful to log battery life once a day, so I can predict when to recharge.

Thanks guys…
That’s what i need…

I know this is old, but this app is awesome.