How to get battery info from device

Hi. I am trying to make a device handler which will retrieve the battery percentage from a device and I wanted to know how to do this. My device sends a reports attribute, “battery percentage” to the Smartthings hub every few seconds, but I just need a way to get it showing on the app. I’d really appreciate any help to get this working.

You simply need a capability/tile/event management you can copy paste from any device implementation in the public smartthing GitHub like:

  1. Capability
    capability “Battery”

  2. Tile
    valueTile(“battery”, “device.battery”, decoration: “flat”, inactiveLabel: false) {

     	state "battery", label:'${currentValue}% battery', unit:""
  3. Message:

      def parse(String description) {
     	def results
     if (isBatteryMessage(description)) {
     	results = parseBatteryMessage(description)
     else: // your stuff
     private Boolean isBatteryMessage(String description) {
     // "raw:36EF1C, dni:36EF, battery:1B, rssi:, lqi:"
     description ==~ /.*battery:.*rssi:.*lqi:.*/


    private List parseBatteryMessage(String description) {

     def results = []
     def parts = description.split(',')
     parts.each { part ->
     	part = part.trim()
     	if (part.startsWith('battery:')) {
     		def batteryResult = getBatteryResult(part, description)
     		if (batteryResult) {
     			results << batteryResult
     	else if (part.startsWith('rssi:')) {
     		def rssiResult = getRssiResult(part, description)
     		if (rssiResult) {
     			results << rssiResult
     	else if (part.startsWith('lqi:')) {
     		def lqiResult = getLqiResult(part, description)
     		if (lqiResult) {
     			results << lqiResult

Hope it helps. Of course if you directly have the measure for the battery, you can simplify the isBatteryMessage and parseBatteryMessage, even suppress them…

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