Is there a way to have the harmony hub reboot through SmartThings?

Sometimes the hub acts up and it needs a reboot. It would be great if I could set it to reboot at like 3am to fix this issue.

It doesn’t happen all the time but this would be a good use of automation.

Connect it to a smart switch. Turn switch off, turn switch on…that’s a reboot.

That said I have two Harmony Hubs and never reboot them with zero issues. What is happening that you need reboots?

As @Ron has said… the easiest way is to connect it via a smart socket and schedule the reboot.

Have a look here:

Power Cycle Connected Device

This might help as I wrote this for someone who has the exact same problem.

The remote freezes and is unresponsive a reboot fixes it.

I have a few WeMo switches but they never work with SmartThings maybe I’ll automate it through WeMo and call it a day.