Is there a way one user can share his scenes/automations setup with someone else? How helpful do you think would this be to you? Thanks

I am beginner and was wondering if we can any way share scenes/automation so I dont have to create them, possibly browse somewhere all different types of scenes\automations i can make with my existing setup


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There is no “export” feature for these that you can do to share with someone else so they can “import” into their ST setup. Someone can capture screenshots of their stuff for you, but you’ll still have to build these on your own. Quite frankly, creating these on your own is a great way to learn what works and doesn’t with the new app and your devices.

If not access from some person, but would a store/collections of scenes in ST app be helpful for you? Like how smartapps list is present?

Please let me know your views, thanks!

No, not for me.

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I think it’d be great for what you said in your original post. I see a lot of people on reddit new to home automation and looking for ideas - I know I was one of them in the beginning too!

I understand that there would be a LOT of issues with exporting “your” automations though. Too many variables, from the names of the things to the devices and manufacturers.

A small library though, with clearly named generic things like “washer”, “dryer”, “refrigerator”, “motion sensor”, “light switch” and simple automations that don’t require any extra coding - that could be very helpful. All you need is that small first “cool idea that you didn’t think about” to really help launch people off into the deep end of home automation.

So I’d like it, if it were carefully done. I would never expect anything to come from Samsung though - it’d be much better if it was community driven and maintained, and generic enough that it could apply to multiple systems.


You can do this in webcore (the advanced and unofficial) rules engine for SmartThings. The automations are called “pistons” and can be shared.


I have long said I would like to see suggestions built into the app as a wizard with the most common basic use cases, like turning on a light switch when a motion sensor is triggered. The wizard should be smart enough to show the user their own specific devices to select from. Other home automation systems are starting to add this feature, and I think it will be popular. Apple’s HomeKit is adding this in iOS 14, for example.

I also like to see a much better tutorial included in the official support pages. Right now there’s a lot of guessing as to what different features do in the app. What’s there is helpful, there’s just not enough of it. :sunglasses:

Beyond that, I think the current forum system works quite well. People who can’t figure out how to solve a particular use case can just set up a new thread in the forum and they will get lots of suggestions personalized to their particular budget and requirements, as well as their level of technical skill.


As a beginner, you might also find the project reports in the community – created wiki helpful. :sunglasses: Lots of great ideas and examples there.

Go to the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki, then go down near the bottom of the page for the “project reports” section and you’ll find lists on everything from holidays to kitchen projects.

There’s also a “get started“ list for beginners and an “impress your friends“ list with the really cool stuff like hidden bookcase rooms and magic wands. :boom:

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I can see that I access on ST Community on my laptop, where SmartApp releases etc is there and have to make scenes/automations etc on phone. I feel this is disconnected experience. How about you guys?
I feel maybe ST community from ST App itself to access these new ideas would be better experience

Thanks a ton JDRoberts. You are a pro :smiley:

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Trying to read technical details on a phone-size screen would be very difficult. I think the community forum works much better as it is.

Since it’s in a web browser, you can always look at it on your Phone if you want. :sunglasses:

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I think the new app does it nowadays, at least it did for me for a Good Night scene as I can remember.

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@JDRoberts, indeed. It was part of the last notification from June in the new app.

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Thats insightful! Thanks

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