Simple delay command to then trigger a virtual switch

I’m using SMH Delay to delay SHM when alarming SHM and when I enter the house. I then wanted to use webCoRE to trigger an Alexa routine so my Echo can announce “You have 60 seconds to leave the house” on alarming SHM and “Alarm enabled” when I enter the house with the SHM armed.

The easy bit was creating two Simulated Alexa Switches (one for exit and one for entry) using this code:

Then I created two routines in the Alexa app making my Echo device announce my exit and entry statements when the respective Alexa Simulated Switches are on. The routines work great when I manually turn those switches on.

Then I went to webCoRE and made a piston which triggers the Exit Simulated Alexa Switch when I set the SHM to Armed Away. This one works great.

However, in order to get a piston to turn the Entry Simulated Alexa Switch on for the entry announcement I think I need to do this:
IF: SHM changes to Armed Away
THEN: wait for 15 seconds (the SHM Delay is 10 secs)
AFTER WAITING FOR 15 SECONDS, IF: either front door or back door sensor changes to open AND SHM is set to Armed Away
THEN turn on the Simulated Alexa Switch

Without the delay in there the switch would be turned on when I open the door to leave the house, so I need to set a delay and THEN have the piston monitor for the door opening while the SHM is still set to Armed Away. I feel like my arguments are not linked together properly or I’m missing something because the switch is never triggered.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!