Is there a Text Bot smartapp?

Is anyone aware of an existing Text Bot app? It just occurred to me that I would prefer to quickly text an application to get a “report” or “change state of a device” etc than having to yell at Alexa or Google Now as I suffer with stuttering!

And with a text I am not limited to a device as I use Google Hangouts for text messages and it allows me to send texts from my browser or another android device…Also I can setup quick shortcuts from Pebble to send out one…

I am sure this is a limited use case as most people probably prefer to talk, so just wanted to check if there is one already out there…

I believe @ady624 is working on SMS integration using Twilio in his new WebCoRE app. It’s still in Alpha development so not complete yet but most of the pieces are there, probably worth checking out to see if it meets your needs.

[DEPRECATED THREAD] webCoRE design process


I’m also working on a Facebook messenger integration with EchoSistant… Just not ready for release yet.

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