Is there a SmartApp to create and trigger lighting scenes?

Where is the best place to buy the Cree’s from?

Home Depot stocks them now.

I’ll make a run today. Thanks!

I had trouble in another app using the Cree bulbs, and I haven’t attempted to debug it yet. But, I think the device type is throwing extra level events (unless @Sticks18’s latest version fixed it). My app has a handler for “level” for a different reason, but that screwed it up. I moved them to the stock “turn on when there is motion” app and they work fine with that. setLevel(x) definitely works as expected.

I squashed two bugs that were throwing extra on/off and level events; so the latest version should be more reliable/stable. Hopefully that helps, but there could be more bugs. I still haven’t picked one up myself yet for better testing/debugging, so I’ve been relying on reports in the other thread.

I will give it a try this morning, and let you know…

The new device type version appears to have resolved the problems I was having with extraneous events. My app that had problems before with Cree now functions as it should.

Good work @Sticks18!!

Where do you buy Aeon Minimote for $25?

Amazon and/or eBay. Version 1, White, firmware upgradable.

Yeah, for me the cheapest is $61.

Ummm… $24.95 for one, $69.99 for 3; but you can pay me the difference :wink:

If you are looking for Cree Connected bulbs at Home Depot, I suggest using online ordering for them with pickup at the customer service desk because they are new and may have stocked them in a strange place (or maybe not even put them on the shelves yet).

Just picked two at my local HD

I am using @Sticks18 updated GitHub code with Scene Machine so it didn’t fix the problem for me. When exactly does Scene Machine go out and read the levels?

Great @wackware ! I’ll be waiting to hear if they work for you.

It reads the levels when you Install it and when you Update it. So set the lights, then update the app.

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OK, got me some Cree’s and figured out my bug in the “Scene Machine” app. Now it works with the Cree’s and the several other Zigbee type bulbs. Also tested on the TCP and ZWaves bulbs. Works good!

Here’s a link to the updated “Scene Machine”

Click me

Enjoy and Happy Hacking!


Yeah, it’s not so intuitive on how to record the current levels.

To record:

  1. Set all of the lights/switches to the desired state using their device tiles.
  2. Edit (tap gear) or Install the app and pick the lights/switches you want to record in their current state.
  3. Name the app to somethings that will remind you of the scene.
  4. Tap “Done”. (that is when it records).

To play:

  1. Tap the arrow on the app.
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The first hack I did to Scene Machine was to add a Momentary Tile Button which, when pushed, causes the app to run. That button in turn can be activated from Hello Home phrases, other apps, motion sensors, contact sensors, etc, to activate the scene that Scene Machine captures.

Very cool stuff, and I am indebted to @wackware for implicitly teaching me how to hack ST apps into working things – your code was my base of understanding. Thanks!


Well thanks @bravenel :blush: I appreciate the acknowledgement.

For others, especially for the new to SmartThings a little more explanation might help. I also think what you did would make an awesome short tutorial for new users. Hey @Mager, @April and @Jim, what do you think?

So I am assuming you created a virtual device of a Momentary Button type, correct? And then you added some code to the “Scene Machine” app that subscribes (listens) to when your Momentary Button is pressed and runs the method/function to set things to the recorded level. Do I have this all right?

Can you post the code?

Thanks again