An App for Controlling Scenes


I wrote a smartapp called Hue Scene Slider a while ago and never really shared it with the community. But I was recently reading this post, and realized that there are a lot of people frustrated with the lack of theme support and figured I’d share my humble solution. (In spite of the name, it’s not just for Hue control.)

What I’ve done is set up an app that allows a dimmer to be used to toggle between an arbitrary number of user defined lighting scenes. Here’s how it works:

Create as many scenes as you want. The position of the dimmer slider for each scene will depend on how many scenes you create. For example, if you create 10 scenes, then each scene will get 10% of the dimmer. If you create 5 scenes, then each scene will get 20% of the dimmer. More than 10 scenes will probably make for very finicky controls.

For each scene, you can select Hue bulbs, as well as regular bulbs and switches. You can select which bulbs you want on and off, and brightness levels and color where applicable.

If you need a virtual dimmer, I recommend the “Better Virtual Dimmer” device type by

You can grab the code on GitHub:

… or find it in the template repository under Convenience.