Need a recommendation for a device with dry contact sensor and relay

(George) #1

I have a closet with a line voltage jamb switch, so when the door is opened, closet light turns on.

Looking for a device (z wave or zigbee) to detect (for security purposes) the jamb switch closing the circuit.

Perhaps I can place a device into the j-box which needs to

  • detect the (dry) circuit being closed by the jamb switch when the door is opened
  • connect the line to the load (light)

Another possibility – is there a device which is wet contact sensor (would then leave the wiring as is - the jamb switch would close the circuit and the device would detect that)?

Thank you!

Question about low voltage device
(Ray) #2

If I understand correctly. You want to be able to control the light as well correct? Here’s a dry contact relay.
If just open/close status is what you are looking for then a door/Window Sensor is easier and cheaper. has really reasonable price on sensor.

Here’s a wet contact relay.

(George) #3

Thank you! Will likely go with with the enerwave.