Is there a section or should there be? - New offical Ideas/Features

Many sites have a site or section on there forum where ideas and suggestions for the core product can be mentioned, voted and on some categorised in to priority.

In Development
Future Release

That sort of thing. Maybe there is and I’m just tired today and blind.

There isn’t, and they don’t officially monitor this forum except for moderation purposes. And it’s unlikely they would want to enable voting here as the people who come to forums of this type tend to be a very small subset of their target market. ( for example, they have said multiple times that most of their users have less than 15 devices and never use any custom code.)

The best way to get attention for new ideas is usually to post to either the Twitter feed or if it’s relevant add something to the app reviews in the app stores. Those are both read by marketing people, at least.

One staff engineer suggested in the forums that people write to support, but that wasn’t an official suggestion and I don’t know if support actually tallies any of those ideas.

(Back when I was a field tech, not for SmartThings, we often suggested customers send ideas to customer support just because we knew customer support knew how to have conversations with customers. And, you know, we had work to do. :wink: Just sayin’…)

The one thing they have said officially as of last year is that they will no longer discuss timelines or roadmaps for future releases publicly. They just missed too many of those and corporate priorities can change, particularly in tech, as new partnerships and new competitor pressures arise.

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This would be great, but isn’t typical of many consumer products. Think… Apple.

(We offer it in our ActionTiles feedback forum, but with a heavy disclaimer that the statuses are approximate and even, random).

Publicly collecting and commenting on Feature Requests leaks a lot of strategic information to competitors, and/or sets SmartThings up for further complaints and/or accusations of broken promises.

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No offense intended, but I think that would be a waste of everyone’s time. ST has demonstrated that their priorities are not substantially influenced by the opinions of the power users and developers in this forum that probably make up a pretty small proportion of their user base.

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Its a real shame. ideas don’t even need marking. just collated and marketing/development teams to review and remove only if ever implemented.

Some companies have the section not on the forum so its easier to find and attract more people.

It would hopefully help priorities. Companies are too scared often to have bugs put publically but I prefer knowing what’s issued than finding out after the fact.

One day maybe.

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The Community initiated its own Wiki where anyone is free to record a bug and any news related to it for others to track.

Just so you know…

But that’s not much use if no one is looking at it for potential development.

SmartThings need to realise that market research would help develop features people want rather than things they THINK we want.

Given that SmartThings Is owned by Samsung, one of the largest consumer products companies in the world, with an annual marketing budget of almost $15 billion and annual revenues of almost $300 trillion, I’m pretty sure they know how they want to do market research. :wink:

You’re always free to start a topic in the forum for ideas, but people are just saying it’s not likely to have a lot of impact compared to all of the market research Samsung is doing in other ways.