Is there a good (reasonably priced) presence sensor?

We have lost one of our originals and the other one has stopped showing presence (even though the light still shows up when I hit the test button).

So far I’ve gotten lucky with acquiring used ones. You might try posting a WTB in the forum. I guess I’m in the market for another as well, as somehow one of our users handed the fob back to me with no guts inside :man_facepalming:

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Here’s the “want to buy” (WTB) thread:

Community member FS/WTB/WTT Thread

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How do you use the Arrival Sensor? If in the car, and you have a spare USB socket, even better is the Advanced Arrival Sensor by @iharyadi, It’s also Zigbee, has better range and vibration sensor for the same price.

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I have an original still in the box,willing to sell it , what would you be willing to pay plus postage?