Is there a doorbell button that will pair with ST

I’m looking for a battery-operated, weather resistant doorbell button that will pair with ST. I thought there would be a ton of them out there I’m having a surprisingly hard time finding one. I looked at the Aeotec doorbells but apparently they won’t pair with ST. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find one or a company that makes one? TIA.

The Aeotec doorbell button only pairs with its own chime unit. The chime unit is z wave and does pair with smartthings. So you can use it, but you essentially have to use its chime unit as the base station. I believe you can pair up to 3 buttons with one base station, but check to be sure if you need more than one button.

At this point, to be honest, a lot of people have video doorbells and there just hasn’t been as much demand for a weatherproof non-video option.

A few years ago I think you were looking into attaching a dry contact device to an existing doorbell chime. You can still do that pretty easily even without having a chime unit: you just get a regular dumb doorbell button and wire it to a battery powered Z wave or zigbee contact sensor mounted on the interior. Same wiring you would do with a pressure mat. :sunglasses:


Seems like the standard now is a video doorbell. Ring integrates well with ST.

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