Dry contact relay options (uk)

Does anyone know of any reasonable priced relays, z-wave or zigbee, I wish to control my boiler heating. Not sure what voltage it is, it would be normally controlled by a mechanical thermostat

Dry contact devices are not normally used for control, they are used to report a change in state.

A relay can control a device. That said, that’s not normally how you control a boiler as it would lack any safety features.

So I’m not quite sure what you’re actually looking for. What’s the brand and model of the boiler?

For anyone who is in the UK and is looking for a dry contact device, see the community FAQ. It covers both US and UK devices. (That said, it doesn’t match the use case described in the first post of this thread.)

Thanks for that…
I’m after a relay with no potential. Most people brand switches as relays. I’d have asked for a sensor if I wanted.
A relay is a bit more specialised the only offering I’ve seen is fibro one FGS-212

I use a Fibaro FGS-212 in the UK to trigger a garage door motor which needs 12v. Not sure about this as a heating control however, as expert @JDRoberts mentions.

I’ve have one of those on my garage. Just a bit pricey

Going to try one of these
£30.74 15%OFF | MCOHOME Z-Wave Plus enabled Micro ON/OFF Switch MH-S220 support high load

FWIW - I use a relay for our gas boiler (steam heat). My Ecobee thermostat replaces a former on/off simple mechanical thermostat which just completes a circuit to heat on/off. The boiler itself has multiple safety features. Ecobee provides clear set up instructions / diagrams as to how to wire in a relay for this situation. (The Ecobee itself is powered by a transformer, as the there is no C wire).

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