Is that possible to do while loop with rules api?

I have a webcore that has variables and while loop to remind me garage door is not closed every one hour increment. Can I use Rules API with variables and while loop? Thank you

can’t answer your question on Rules API but you also have SharpTools Rules Engine which should be able to

The Rules API doesn’t currently have either variables or while loops. Indeed even notifications don’t seem to be publicly available despite being in use by Routines (a very sore point …).

I say ‘currently’ but I have absolutely no idea if we can expect much further evolution of the Rules API.

Check out the Rules API documentation here:

and might be good to post your question in the Rules API community page

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For notifications to alexa I use Web Requestor and EdgeBridge. TXT I just use the ST routine.

Thank you. I will make sure next time post in rules api section. I did read that ref page before and I currently do have multiple working rules. Just want to see if it’s possible to make something more useful that I’ve done in webcore.

You can create a virtual switch in the ST App (that is your variable) and you can have the Rules API turn it on and off at what ever interval you choose.

I have one running to refresh my Honeywell thermostat every 5 minutes.

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That’s a very good idea! Now the only thing left is how can I have a integer variable for time increment for alexa to speak for. Thank you anyway!

You would need to write a ST routine with your door’s contact sensor bring open as a precondition and your new virtual switch as the trigger.

Then for your action you need to create a 2nd virtual switch this time with an integral contact sensor (virtual Alexa switch). When the Alexa switch is triggered by your ST routine it can be used to trigger an Alexa routine that says your door is open.

Understood. I was hoping to do like door has not been closed for 1 hour. Still not close for another hour will say door has not been closed for 2 hours and then so on so for until it’s closed.

BTW, I use voice monkey to trigger the speech.

The Left It Open smartapp used to have all these features and more. It’s the only smartapp I’m going to miss and don’t have a replacement for.