My ST hub can't connect to the server

I just got my hub yesterday and spent the whole night tying to make it work. I see the steady blue light all the time. Some webpages says I need to open port 443. But my computer can access all those banks’ websites (which is the way some webpage says how to check if port 443 is open) without needing to change my router. Even if I wanted to configure my router, I still need the mac address of the hub, which I can’t see it anywhere even if I log in my ST account using computer.

Right now the live chat is still offline, while the customer service page says it should be online around 9am EST. I emailed back to the person who wrote me a welcome email, but also got no response. Could someone please give me some help? Thanks a lot in advance!

A bit of a long shot, do you know if your DHCP (server) is working? If you’re not sure what that is, disregard this, as you most likely wouldn’t have shut it off on your router. If you add any other device to your network, does it automatically get to to the internet/https(443)? Also, try plugging your computer directly into the same router/switch that the Smartthings hub is connected to. Is that machine able to get out with wireless shut off?

Seems like a local networking issue to me, at least at the surface.

Our support team should get back to you soon but a solid blue light means the hub has an IP address but can’t reach our servers. If possible, plug the hub straight into your internet modem to test without your router. If you see a solid green light you know that it’s connected.

Hi Tyler. I tried that. That will give a blinking blue light, which I suppose is even worse…

Hi gytrdun, I switched the hub to the port which is connecting to my ADT control penal and that gives me the green light immediately. I never though ports would be different on the same router. However, I don’t know how to make the other port work. Could you please give me some more instructions? Thanks!

Unfortunately, without seeing your exact setup, I can’t say for sure. Do you have 2 ports that you can use, so that you can get both working together?

Hi dhu,
Did you solve your problem?
I think I have the same problem.
Steady blue light when I got the hub.
After playing with my router for a few days, it suddendly connected to the server.
Then no issue for a few months.
Yesterday I got a powerfailure so everything rebooted and my solid blue light is back.
I have absolutely no clue why.

My V2 hub does this exact same thing (red light briefly then no light if it can’t connect). The network interface lights blink as if there is communication. Any other device will connect using this same connection except the hub.

Additionally it will NOT connect through a dumb switch I have, it insists on being connected to the router directly.