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Is Sonos support being pulled from SmartThings completely?

(Jovan) #21

is there an update on the Sonos integration?


(Chris) #22

Sonos has pivoted somewhat:

Since then, Sonos doesn’t seem to be putting a super high-priority on integrating with SmartThings at the moment.

That being said, there’s also a significant lift on our end that would need to happen to really make the speaker integrations great (Sonos, Bose, Samsung Multiroom). I would love to see a great speaker experience with SmartThings, but I’m sorry to say that I can’t give any timeline for when a new-and-improved Sonos integration will be released.

We totally understand how cool it is to get voice notifications and songs playing when you enter your house, and the current Sonos integration has always been somewhat “hacky”.


(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #23

Hacky? How about just bad? Why does it log all my activity even when not controlled by st.

My advice, remove the sonos smartapps from st immediately. Stop giving st your personal music listening data.

Why they couldn’t just do a simple play, pause, next implementation is beyond me.

The lack of playlist support, groups, favorites and more just means this integration is half passed, not hacky.

Just my two cents.



My 2 cents. I’m no expert, just fiddle around. My Sonos setup will work for a week with ST’s, and then it won’t. The app keeps showing me a new Sonos found. I only have one Sonos but it shows me I have 3 Sonos’s to choose from & now it’s asking to connect to a new one.

Anybody know what causes that problem? About to give up and just wait for the Echo/Sonos integration.


(Greg) #25

set mac reservations for the sonos on your network. I would run a second sonos connect app, find your “new” sonos - name it “new” - then associate all your smart apps to the new sonos - then you are free to deleted the old sonos, old connect and rename new to whatever you want it called.

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(Chris) #26

But how else will I find fresh beats?


(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #27

You don’t want my music listening habits. Which leads to the question that seemingly always goes unanswered, why no privacy mode? Or at least warn the end user that installing the sonos app, all activity will be recorded, even if it doesn’t originate from SmartThings. Seems a bit creepy and borderline spyware if you ask me.


(Adrian) #28

This used to happen to me but then I read somewhere that since you can’t give your Sonos a fixed IP address you should set the IP it currently has as a reserved IP address in the DHCP scope to ensure it keeps the same IP address. This will stop smartthings seeing it as a new device every time DHCP assigns it a new IP address.

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(Joe) #29

So, did SONOS get pulled officially (may have missed that post)? I did not see it in the “works with Smartthings” listing anymore (not that I noticed if it was there before).

My custom notifications through SONOS have pretty much not worked for awhile now and with Echo integration coming, not sure what else I might need this integration for.


(Marc) #30

I am having similar problems. My CoRE TTS pistons hat use Sonos don’t work and used to. The built in Sonos smart apps still work though.