Is Rule Machine my only option?

I’ve just started diving deeper into ST and really getting down to the things that I want to accomplish and by my previous reading Rule Machine was the answer to those things. With RM gone what are my options? I want specific events to trigger(routines?) based on things like arrival, but have those things only occur if arrival occurs at a specific time of day OR not at all if its at the wrong time. Is there a work around to have multiple conditions? DO I need to look into moving to something like Vera to accomplish this?

SmartRules by @obycode is a great option.


That shows as an iphone app. Does it require an apple device running at all times?

No. Once you create your rules on the iOS app, the rules run in on the SmartThings cloud.


Good, I don’t have an iphone but I do keep an old ipad laying around, should be able to use that then. Are there functionality limits compared to RM?

Yeah, there are currently some limitations. You can’t do “if this door remains open for 5 minutes…” type rules. However, a new version is due to be released on Monday with this feature.

There are also many custom commands and some very complicated logic that can’t be reproduced in SR.

There is a free version that you can download and try out. Has a 1 rule limit.

Great! Thanks! Looks like I’ll have something to work on at home tomorrow. I do need some of those type rules but it sounds like that will be taken care of Monday.

Routines also have restrictions like you talk about. You can also check out “Routine Director” in the marketplace. It might do what you want.

SmartRules is also awesome!:slight_smile:


I actually achieve most of what I want in the stock ‘Smart Lighting’ app. Sometimes you have to be a bit hacky with it but it’s actually reasonably robust, not anywhere near the levels that RM was but for the most part you can get by and with the added bonus that it can run locally (provided what you are acting on runs locally).

The following should help. It was written before rule machine existed. :sunglasses:

And remember that rule machine was written within the SmartThings environment. It was written by one (obviously extremely talented) community developer using the existing tools. Nothing was hacked or extended. So all of its capabilities still exist in the SmartThings platform, it’s just that rule machine packaged them very nicely. It was a great accomplishment, but its absence doesn’t mean those capabilities are lost as well.


If you hve a “control center” android tablet, you can interweave Tasker into your setup. Using plugins such as Sharptools, AutoNotification etc, you can go a long way to what you want.

As one example, I have a strobe light from an old doorbell unit. You can plug the strobe light into an AC outlet, and it will flash away for hours. So I have it plugged into an IRIS smart plug, which is connected to SMartThings.

But one of the conditions I need it to respond to is totally outside the realm of ST, and that is to flash ONLY if certain people call ONLY in a particular 2 hour window. I have a music studio in the basement, and if we are playing I cannot hear the doorbell. So in Tasker I have it activating in a context based on that timeframe combined with notifications from Google Hangouts that those people are calling or texting during that timeframe.

So they call or text my Hangouts number when they arrive. AutoNotification intercepts the incoming call notice. Tasker does its ST magic via Sharptools… The front light goes on, and the strobe in my basement studio blinks for four one-second spans. I could have it also unlock the front door, but I would rather greet them there.

If you think of SmartThings and its devices as one set of components within a larger framework, you begin to open things up. Any devices that can be controlled by android, whether zwave or Zigbee or wifi etc, can be integrated as long as they can send or receive ‘intents’. Another thing my system does is use Hangouts to automatically email (using yet another plugin that I acnt remember right now), text, AND call out in case of a security breach. Smartthings can only text…

So the short answer to your question is: NO. Rule Machine is not your only option.