Why does SmartThings not support Rule Machine?

I see a lot of posts and I tried searching for this simple answer but couldn’t find anything.
Only opinions of pissed off customers.

Why doesn’t Smart Things just support the Rule Machine (RM) app?
SmartThings has many “smart apps” but they suck to me. They are unreliable, offer limited functionality, and I need about 5 smart apps working in sync compared to my one rule in Rule Machine.

So why not just pay Bruce to keep Rule Machine or implement their own ‘working’ intuitive rule machine? I am trying to convert all my rules from RM to other ST smart apps and it is getting completely out of hand were it does not seem feasible with what ST currently has…

…and you just opened a new thread to feed the anger


##SmartThings is intended not only as a Product, but also as a Development Platform

While SmartThings will use their staff engineers integrate popular device types and write various major and minor solution SmartApps, just like an Android or iPhone, SmartThings doesn’t intend to write every possible “app”.

SmartThings doesn’t need to buy or build Rule Machine since it already exists … and there are competitive alternative options like @obycode’s SmartRules.

SmartThings doesn’t need to develop a “widget machine” with Tasker integration, because there’s @joshua_lyon’s SharpTools.

SmartThings doesn’t need to build a tablet or web browser client for simple customized device status and control panels because we’ve created SmartTiles.


Maybe there is a reason for that, like the timeouts, like the device limits. Have you thought that we want what we don’t have and when someone manages to fill the gap in a hacky way and fails, we scream on top of our lungs that is not fair!!!

Maybe there is someone right now lurking in these forums that is about to start a while new business.

They’ve paid attention and they’ve learned what is needed to rule this market:

  • reliability and stability
  • local processing
  • extreme flexibility
  • developer market with a working fast track of apps

Honestly, if Vera or Wink opened their systems to development, ST would probably dry up.


As @625alex and I are about to attend the Samsung Developer’s Conference 2016 in San Francisco this week; … we wonder what will be (what should be?) announced at the big sessions featuring Alex Hawkinson, Dora Hsu, and many more… !


I’m looking forward to your posts about it

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You are correct we have everything available to all users except Sharp Tools which is only for Android, and Smart Rules for IOS. What we need is uniformity so that development for one and for all.

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SmartRules is coming to Android soon (@obycode!)…


I was wondering if that would ever happen. And now that rule machine has shown the power of a native app, something has to replace it that’s good for everyone.

Since it is no longer supported it is only a matter of time before that app dies.

I’ve looked at what I’ll have to do when that day comes. Basically I lose about a third to half of my automation capabilities.

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Man, the next time when they have it in Washington DC, I am sure I’ll be flashing that under your nose when I’ll be in the crowd and you will be strolling on Embarcadero…

C’mon Brice @obycode get your Andoid developer back, already…


I almost got a wink but heard yet were going belly up and that ST was a little more sophisticated and hoped some of that might rub off…

I’m waiting for my z-stick, it’s bad enough this isn’t built in from the start, they have gone to great effort to kill off several user supported/created projects so many are forced to 3rd party paid applications. I never liked the status of my home stored in the cloud for some script kid to find, I’m sure not going to add more and more points of attack by adding more and more 3rd party apps that require access to my account.