Is it possible to have a 3 way installation with a GE z-wave dimmer switch and an Aeon microswitch?

Is it possible to have a 3 way switch with a GE z-wave dimmer switch as the master and an aeon microswitch on the other switch? I know the traveler wire could not be used. Would physically turning off the switch with the aeon render the GE switch inoperable? Would ST view it as two different lights? Is it possible to have the physical switch connected to the aeon act as just a toggle which triggers a state changes in the aeon (Regardless of state aeon is in the physical toggle changes the state. Physical on could equal aeon off.)?

My issue is that the secondary switch is a toggle switch in a 3 gang outlet and it is the only switch I need to change. Due to spouse’s ocd concerns, all the switches in the gang need to be the same. Additionally, I have only found add-on toggle switches made by GE and it is not an attractive switch.

From everything I’ve seen using GE z-wave switches in a 3-way setup require the GE add-on switch. I haven’t even seen if you can have a Decora dimmer with a toggle add-on or vice-versa…

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