Is it possible to completely hide from the detailed view?


I’m trying to use visibleCondition in detail view.
It seems that when the condition evaluates to false, the capability is greyed (disabled), but is still shown.
Is that expected?
Is it possible to completely hide the capability?

My use case is to allow the user to show/hide capabilities that are rarely used.
For example, device info capability (that shows device fingerprint, fw and ZCL versions, etc) is only interesting during troubleshooting. I’d like to allow user temporary show it, take notes and hide again.
Keeping it in the detailed view (even though in grey) seems too much.

Yes, that behavior is expected. Up to now, the generic plugin doesn’t allow us to display, or hide elements from the detail view “on-demand”, that can only be done using the device presentation which is not dynamic.

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You have to create a different profile and vid for each permutation of disabled features and remove them from the vid

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Thank you for your replay.
While this workaround works, it is unmanageable.
To dynamically hide 2 capabilities 4 profile/presentation pairs would be required. To support optional multi tile view for such device, 8 profiles (+vids) would be required.
Now consider that a single switch driver could control different multigang switches with different number of gangs and additional capabilities. For example, backlight doesn’t have any meaning for relays, but very useful for touch panels.
Some devices support child lock, while others don’t. Some have power on configuration. Some have energy metering, some power metering, some voltage and current measurement and some combination of those.
The number of different combinations is enormous.

Yes. It’s not easy. Generating the profiles and vids can help with the permutations.

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